What I Learned From the Move Expo saved my family many headaches!

“I’m not ready- yet.”

“I have so much to do with my house before I could even think of moving.”

“What am I going to do with all my stuff?”

These are just some of the things we hear when people start looking at retirement communities like Kendal-Crosslands. That’s part of the reason we host an annual Move Expo each Fall, where we gather experts and services together that help make transitions to Kendal-Crosslands or other retirement communities easier.

I didn’t think I would need to use this information so soon, but I was able to use many of the tips I learned from Margit Novack and Moving Solutions when I helped my mother-in-law, Nancy, transition into a retirement community in another state this past week. Without these tips, I am sure the move would have been more difficult for everyone in the family, especially my mother-in-law.

Here are 5 tips that made the move easier:

Less is More.

Senior Move Managers help people transition from their homes into smaller cottages and apartments all the time, and have the expertise to help ensure that you take enough- but not too much- with you to your new home. We used the advice of “Less is More” to make sure we chose the right furniture pieces from Nancy’s home to move into her new apartment. Favorite tables, lamps, pictures, and a couch were all perfect in her new home and made her feel comfortable as soon as she walked in.  It was her previous home, only better and more manageable than before.

Put it in the same place.

Senior move managers often go so far as to take pictures of where you have things on shelves and in cabinets, and put everything back in a similar place in your new home. I made sure that when we set up Nancy’s kitchen, all of her favorite things were in the same cabinets near the sink and stove as they were at her old place. This meant every time she opened a drawer, things were right where she expected them to be already!

Scaling Down-

It’s important to make sure you choose furniture and appliances that deal with more compact surroundings. For example, we got Nancy a smaller coffee maker, because her counter space is at a premium in the new home.  We’ve helped find a great console table that’s smaller than the one in her old home, but it also has drawers to add a bit of extra storage. We’ve also added a C-table that can be used easily while sitting in a chair or on the sofa and stored as needed.

choose furniture wisely

Choose Furniture Wisely

Repurpose What You Have in a New Way.

For example, we were able to use a patio table as a new kitchen table, and use a bookcase to add additional storage and display space. This meant we saved money by not having to buy anything new, while giving new life to old pieces.

Remember Friends

We made sure to invite all of Nancy’s friends over for lunch the day after she moved in. Having her friends see her new place, meet all the people in her new community, and even try the food was important. Relationships will continue and flourish when everyone feels comfortable with the transition- friends and family as well! And her friends were so impressed, some of them even started to talk about a transition themselves.

While we weren’t fortunate enough to have a Senior Move Manager to help us, the work the family did to get her new home ready was based on all of their key tips. Nancy returned to her new home after a short stay at a rehab facility, so her transition was seamless.

In fact, it was a huge relief to her to no longer have to face the prospect of downsizing and organizing, day after day, on her own anymore. It was all done, and she had everything that was important to her in her new home. When we asked if she wanted anything else from her previous place, she said, “Absolutely not- I have enough!”  Without the advice from Senior Move Managers, the transition into a new home would have been more difficult for everyone.

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

Hiring a Senior Move Manager if you’re considering a transition into a new home is a great investment. Their experience is incredibly valuable in making wise choices while also bringing functionality and good design to your new home. And with their help, your new home will feel just like home from the moment you step inside- while minimizing the stress and work involved at the same time.

Senior move managers are such a great resource to help you make a smooth transition into a community like Kendal-Crosslands, that we are currently offering a credit of up to $5,000 towards eligible moving expenses. While they say money can’t buy happiness, investing in a Senior Move Manager and their experience certainly comes close! Just give us a call at (610) 388-1442 for more information!