“I am very, very happy that I made this decision,” says Barbara Waters, a resident at Kendal-Crosslands Communities. “You feel like your every need is met.”

Barbara, along with her sister Jean Schwartz, moved to Kendal-Crosslands Communities a little over a year ago, and they have since found themselves living a lifestyle of convenience. From their maintenance-free residences, to delicious meals provided by dining services, to the enjoyable amenities right on campus, everything they need is available to them, and at their fingertips.

The Benefit of a Beautiful Residence

They each live in their own One-Bedroom Cottage, also known as the “B” floor plan. This floor plan is one of the most popular, and allows Barbara and Jean to live independent lives, spending time doing the things they enjoy most.

Although their homes have many exceptional features, they both say that, indisputably, the enclosed patio (or sun porch as they prefer to describe) is the best part about their cottages.

“The sun porch gives so much more space,” says Barbara. “I spend as much time as possible out there. It’s wonderful because you feel like you’re outside and it opens so many more vistas. I have a chair and a table out there, and it’s very comfortable.”

Jean says, “The sun porch is very nice. You can see the birds, the deer, plants and wild animals, without feeling enclosed or seeing other cottages and apartments around.”

A Life of Convenience

Jean and Barbara enjoy a life of convenience by taking advantage of the services and amenities provided by Kendal-Crosslands Communities, such as dining, housekeeping, the pool, the maintenance team, and more.

“Housecleaning comes every other week for us, and every six weeks, they do a heavy cleaning,” says Jean. “We have a monthly meal plan, and the lawn services are even included.”

With all of the services and amenities available on campus, the two are able to enjoy their time doing activities they delight in. There’s no need to mow lawns, clean gutters, or cook meals, which creates plenty of time for friends, family, exercise, hobbies and more.

“I love the pool,” says Jean. “There are a number of exercise classes, and several days a week I do one of the exercises in the pool, like the water walking class.”

Barbara says, “I go to the exercises classes, and I try to go to the pool four days a week.”

Safety and Security

The two sisters spend their winters in Florida, and feel safe and secure leaving their homes at Kendal-Crosslands, knowing that they will be maintained and protected in their absence. Even when the snow is falling, they are confident that their homes will be taken care of.

Jean and Barbara also have peace of mind in knowing that if either of their health needs change, they will be accommodated, right on campus. “The healthcare is one thing that’s important to us,” says Jean, “and that we both have medical coverage on the same campus. Without children of our own, we can visit one another, if necessary.”

Thanks to the many services, amenities and features of the Kendal-Crosslands campus, Jean and Barbara are living their best retirement.

For more information about living a maintenance-free lifestyle at Kendal-Crosslands Communities, please give us a call at 610-388-1441, or visit us here to request your free information kit.