Anyone over 50 already knows that getting older isn’t for sissies. While our minds may remain young, it’s inevitable that we’re just not as physically flexible and may not have the same strength and endurance as we did when we were younger.  Coming to terms with this isn’t easy, but accepting that it’s part of the natural aging process makes making decisions about how to approach these challenges a bit easier.

Community is a core value

The amenities, fantastic location and wonderful community of residents is, of course, the main reason people start looking at Kendal communities. But what sets Kendal-Crosslands apart from other retirement communities is our Quaker values and the fact that Community is a verb, not just an adjective. When we talk about living in community in the Quaker tradition at Kendal-Crosslands, it means recognizing and celebrating the contributions everyone makes to their community across their life.  And that means inclusion in every aspect of community that you want to be a part of.

When people choose a continuing care retirement community like Kendal-Crosslands Communities, part of the choice includes acknowledging that we may also need care and assistance as we age. During this process, some will struggle with illness, but everyone is still a vital part of the community and still make contributions to it, through their presence and participation. You see this every day in our community, as people who may need personal care, sometimes referred to as assisted living, or need skilled nursing care for part of the day are still an active part of residential daily life.

Everyone is Valued

Welcome committee

For example, Harry is a resident at Crosslands, and despite being in skilled nursing care due to being on oxygen, he is actively participating in community events. Harry just lets the nursing staff know where he is going to be, and they come to find him to change his oxygen tank as needed- no need to disrupt his card game or lunch with friends. While he may no longer be living fully independently, Harry gets the help he needs, without disrupting what he wants to do. His care is tailored to his needs, not the convenience or schedule of the staff, and that’s a cornerstone of person-centered care here at Kendal-Crosslands Communities.

By living and participating in community, residents are active and involved. And it’s the sense of belonging and mutual care that keeps people young at heart, even as time takes its toll. While we can’t turn back the clock, becoming part of a community keeps residents vital and engaged. You can see it in their engagement in community organizations throughout the area, ranging from volunteering to teach english as a second language, to helping to start a school for the arts in nearby Chester. And because our programs are started and run by residents, you can always explore an interest of your own and find others to join you- the limits are your own imagination.

Kendal-Crosslands Community

This sense of Community with a capital C and used as an active verb is an important part of why Kendal-Crosslands Communities is different from other life care/continuing care communities. Our residents are the heart of the community throughout every aspect of their life, and its part of the Kendal difference you can see and feel when you come for a visit.

If you are interested in learning more about Kendal-Crosslands Communities and everything we have to offer for a vibrant retirement that will keep you active and engaged, click here to download our digital brochure.