Interestingly, more and more prospective residents of retirement communities want to know if they can both work and enjoy the benefits of a retirement community lifestyle.


Peter Schindler, M.D.

The answer to that query is a resounding, “Yes!” In fact, there are many reasons it makes a lot of sense, perhaps even more so than remaining in a house that requires time and effort for upkeep and maintenance.

At Kendal~Crosslands, there are more than a few residents who chose to move in while they are still working. Peter Schindler, M.D., is one Kendal~Crosslands resident who isn’t interested in being a “retiree” just yet.

“I am a Child, Adolescent Family Psychiatrist still working part time to this day,” said Peter. “Being at Kendal~Crosslands makes that hugely easier because the endless concerns about keeping up the repairs of house and home are nil.”

The time savings of maintenance-free, community living is always a draw for retirees who look forward to embracing the many social, intellectual, spiritual and cultural activities at Kendal~Crosslands.

For those who work, it means that when it’s time for recreation and relaxation there are no chores in sight, just endless choices. From nature walks, to a leisurely swim, to catching a lifelong learning lecture, or meeting up with a social group for a night at the opera, there is always something delightful to do.

“When something does need fixing, a call to one of many super people here will get it organized and done. And there’s no tipping, even though you’d really like to!” Peter notes that a yearly donation to the Kendal Fund makes him feel better about all of the wonderful personal attention.

When asked about other advantages for the working retiree, Peter was quick to mention that, “It’s easy to come and go if you drive, and other transportation options include Kendal~Crosslands-provided services, cabs, and easy access to trains and airports.”

You don’t even have to cook in your free time, unless you wish to. The dining is outstanding. “Meals are with congenial others, but even there, involvement is up to you,” Peter smiled.

It would seem that working and moving to a beautiful retirement community like Kendal~Crosslands may be the best of both worlds.

If you, like Peter, are interested in the lifestyle that a continuing care retirement community offers, even if you aren’t interested in retiring, give Kendal~Crosslands a call at 800-216-1920 or 610-388-1441, and see how your active lifestyle can be enhanced.