Over the weekend, how much of your time was spent on chores?

Over a 72 hour long weekend, this is fairly typical:

  • Three hours were spent gardening, and an additional 2 ½ hours on the lawn.
  • Three to four hours on laundry.
  • Four hours on meal prep and cleaning up afterwards.
  • Four hours on house projects, ranging from small repairs, to cleaning out closets, to running to Home Depot for supplies for home projects

And what didn’t you get to?

We’ve all heard people say “No one says at the end of their life, I should have spent more time in the office”. The same thing is true about home chores- No one says “I wish I had spent more time mowing the lawn.”  

Moving to a maintenance-free community like Kendal-Crosslands means many of these time-consuming, no-fun chores are taken care of for you- our cottages even come with weekly housekeeping and linen service!

That leaves you with time to truly enjoy doing what you love best.

living your best life

Meet David. He moved to Kendal~Crosslands when he was 71. Soon after, David started training to ride his bike long-distance- something he had thought about, but never had time to do. David trained and rode a bicycle from the coast of Oregon to the coast of Delaware.  Why? Well, maybe because it was there or truthfully, he had the time to achieve these dreams rather than being caught in a cycle of chores.

What’s Your Dream?

Our residents have written a book on their experiences here at Kendal. They’ve helped start a Charter School for the Arts. We have intergenerational groups that are working with children in our daycare center to band purple martins, and residents teach children how to swim.

Residents like Bob are spending time on passions like photography, and sharing beautiful pictures of campus, of fox kits, and hooking up a camera to monitor nesting bluebirds!

Fox Kits

Fox Kits picture taken by Bob S.

Bluebirds of Crosslands

Picture of bluebirds taken by Bob S.










What’s your passion? 

Kendal-Crosslands communities might be the perfect place to find others who share your passion for life and lifelong learning. The examples are endless, but it all starts by deciding to be a part of a retirement community that can show you what it means to really transform the experience of aging.

One of the best things about Kendal-Crosslands Communities is the number and variety of resident committees, where residents get together to explore shared interests. There are groups  that have foreign-language dinners; bird-watching groups; volunteers who teach english as a second language; woodworking and needlecraft; book clubs, and more. You can even start your own group, if your interest isn’t represented. By finding other people who share your interests, you’ll always find something to do and someone to do it with at Kendal-Crosslands Communities.

While some people are reluctant to consider a move to a retirement community because they see it as a defeat, most Kendal-Crosslands residents view their move to the community as giving them freedom and security. Residents have the freedom to explore their interests without the worry of home maintenance. The added security of having assistance at your fingertips if needed, whether it’s moving some furniture or needing medical help, makes the move to Kendal-Crosslands part of good long term planning as well, making sure your needs are taken care of now and in the future.

If you’d lile to learn more about the community, please click below to download our digital brochure.