When considering a move, do you plan to move into a bigger space or a smaller space than you currently have?  Why?

When people decide to explore Life Plan Communities formerly known as Continuing Care Retirement or Life Plan Communities like Kendal⁓Crosslands Communities, they are often faced with a dilemma about how much space they want, and how much space they may actually need. Much of this is based on trying to imagine all their current belongings in a smaller space, and it can be very stressful to figure out what needs to come, and what you might want to get rid of in the process of downsizing.

What many of our residents have found is that the process of downsizing is actually a process of right-sizing their lives and their possessions. As they go through the process of choosing a cottage or apartment, some want to live in a larger home while many others choose smaller homes and find that this has given them an opportunity to make positive, empowering choices about what’s most important to them.

what's on your moving checklist?

How Much Space Do You Need?

For example, one Kendal~Crosslands Communities resident thought she needed a two bedroom home just for herself, thinking she needed the same space she had in her current home. However, on reflection, a smaller one bedroom home was a better choice for many reasons, including a lower entry fee and lower monthly cost. What changed her mind?

Her initial concerns were about whether there would be a place for family to come and spend the night when they visited. Kendal⁓Crosslands Communities has visitors accommodations, so having extra space just to maintain a guest room isn’t really necessary, although family is always welcome to stay in your cottage with you!

Sometimes potential residents are concerned about getting enough space to maintain their hobbies, but find that the woodworking shop, art studios and craft rooms, located in the central community center, serve this purpose and helps them to get to know other people in the community, fostering friendships in the process.

Finding Happiness With Simplicity

Recently, we came across a great TED talk by Graham Hill, discussing how less ‘stuff’ has actually led him to find more happiness.  We think his advice about editing ruthlessly, looking for space efficiencies and multifunctional spaces helps distill what many of our residents find after they move to Kendal⁓Crosslands – – their life is actually simpler with less stuff. They find they are living differently, and in many ways, are more engaged by sharing interests in shared spaces rather than just at home alone.  It’s this transformation of the way they live, and the integration into a community of friends and neighbors, that makes Kendal⁓Crosslands Communities so special.

Take a peek at Graham Hill’s TED talk below, and let us know what you think – – could less actually lead to more happiness?  Many of our residents have said Yes!