Below is an excerpt from the book Experiences: Life in a Continuing Care Retirement Community, which is a compilation of essays and poetry written and published by residents of Kendal at Longwood.

By Bill Van Wie

Four years ago, as we were going through our house in New York to prepare for our move to Kendal, I brought out cork bulletin boards to give to two of our grandchildren who were staying with us. Our 8-year-old granddaughter said, “Grampa, it’s not Christmas or our birthdays; why are you giving these to us now?”

I told her, “Remember, we’re getting ready to move.”

She said “Oh yeah, you’re going to that hotel where they take care of old people!”

Then we moved to Kendal. Last April, all four of our grandchildren were staying with us in our cottage. We had planned to take them on visits to local attractions including Longwood Gardens and the Delaware Natural History Museum. But we never left the campus! They walked around the grounds. They ate in the coffee shop and the dining room. They met many of our friends. They found the Center, with the indoor pool, and the library, and the table tennis, and the indoor bocce game, and the chess game, puzzles and other indoor games. They were too busy and happy here to leave the campus.

On the last day of their visit, as we walked back to our cottage, our 14-year-old grandson said “Grampa, I won’t mind getting old.”

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