Retirement living decisions are complex. You have to make decisions about timing, about location, and about finances. Because these decisions are complicated, it helps to have the facts up front, so you know what’s what.

Ask Good Questions

At Kendal-Crosslands Communities, we want to make sure you make the decision that’s best for you. That’s why we have put together a webpage all about the questions you should ask when comparing retirement communities. Just click here to read more, including 4 steps to finding the perfect community for you.  

And it’s why we put together a new e-book we call The Bottom Line- Financial Facts to Know When Choosing a Retirement Community.

Financial facts about retirement communities

We want you to understand what advantages a Continuing Care Retirement Community like Kendal-Crosslands offers, and what a typical Life Plan contract involves. It’s important to understand what tax advantages might be involved, what the entry fees and monthly fees cover, and also provide you with the questions to ask to determine the financial health of any retirement community you might be considering.

You can download our free e-book by clicking here.

We hope this inside look at the financial decisions involved in choosing a Life Plan community will help simplify your decision process, and determine whether a Life Plan Community is right for you. If you have additional questions, please call us toll free at (844) 907-1800. Our staff will be happy to help you understand what options might be best for you, and help you weigh your choices so you can enjoy a financially secure retirement along with the peace of mind Life Care offers our residents.