Planning for retirement takes years of discipline and savings. All of those habits of being careful with money in order to guarantee you future have served you well. You’ve probably even put off big purchases or fancy vacations in order to make sure your future was secure.

But now that it’s time to retire and make some choices about retirement living, making the change from “savings” to “spending” can make anyone a little anxious.  There are many different options to weigh, and then there’s the prospect of trying to downsize a home full of memories. It’s natural to find the process overwhelming.

It Doesn’t Have to Be That Hard

That’s one of the reasons we host our annual Moving Expo at Kendal-Crosslands Communities. It turns out that there are a lot of resources out there to help with this process, from Senior Move Managers to books like “Downsizing the Family Home-What to Save, What to Let Go” by AARP. We bring together vendors and experts in the field to help people think about and start taking the steps needed to make a transition into retirement living.

Senior move managers can make the process much easier. There’s actually a National Association of Senior Move Managers that have members across the Country, certified in helping seniors through downsizing and relocation.

move manager

Logo of the National Association of Senior Move Managers

Let’s face it. Going through all of your possessions, and the memories associated with each one, and making decisions about what stays and what goes can be an emotional process. It’s even more difficult if it happens after a spouse has passed away.

How Move Managers Can Help

One of our residents was working with a move manager and said “I just wish I could go away and come back and this will all be done.” The Move Manager responded “We can do that!” Suddenly, he got a mischievous smile and said “Well, there is this conference I’d love to attend…” and the decision was made. He went to the conference, and when he came home, he was all moved into his new cottage, and everything was done, down to having the silverware in the right drawer in the kitchen.

Senior Move Managers are just one of the many options and services available to make the process of transitioning to a community like Kendal-Crosslands much easier than you might think. And we have incentives in place to help make it even easier.

This year, we’re also able offer $5,000 towards moving expenses for residents moving to Kendal-Crosslands Communities. Using that credit towards move managers, movers and home sale preparations can make the process of moving much easier, and help you make the transition towards your future and happiness in your new home.

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