12794686_995172420550061_286460322414135836_o-1Every day at Kendal-Crosslands, you have the opportunity to make the most of your day – whatever that means to you! If you like to fill your days with engaging activities, buckle in, because we’re about to take you on a wild ride. There are typically a couple of dozen activities and events happening in any given month— designed to challenge you intellectually, call to your creative side, or entertain you.

The monthly calendar is filled with a variety of events and activities to chose from so you can pursue your personal passions, from artisanal pursuits and live music, to bridge, group discussions or volunteer opportunities – all led by residents like you! You’re bound to find something fun and captivating to join that piques your curiosity – but, if you don’t, you can easily start your own group or event!

Music lovers have plenty of options. Would you rather sit back and listen, or make your own music? Depending on what calls to you, enjoy watching and hearing opera in the Auditorium, or stop by for Hootenanny in the Training Room where you and other residents bring your voices, banjos, and fiddles.

Do you enjoy debate or lively conversation? Are you up-to-date on the latest current events? There are many opportunities to socialize while stretching your mind, including inspiring group discussions with other residents on topics that range from current events and politics, to faith and Quaker values.

There will be plenty of joyful celebrations to attend. You’re invited to birthday parties, a “spirited” Halloween party, and special themed nights. And with the winter holidays approaching, there will be plenty more festivities planned.

If you prefer athletic pursuits, consider joining a hike through the nature conservancy or arboretum. Or, join a group class at the fitness or aquatic center.

Throughout the week and beyond, an array of guest presenters perform at Kendal-Crosslands to enlighten and entertain, from artists to piano players, and authors to professors.

The best part? At Kendal-Crosslands, all of these events take place mere steps from your apartment home, whether in our light-filled, cheery activity room, our spacious Auditorium, cozy Library, or in our lovely outdoor spaces.

Speaking of your cozy, comfortable apartment or cottage home…if your version of an ideal day isn’t participating in a variety of activities, but instead enjoying the privacy of your space, curled up with a book or engrossed in a movie, don’t worry! With the services and amenities provided by Kendal-Crosslands, you’re free to spend guilt-free hours indulging in your favorite pastimes, without feeling the pressure of a home maintenance to-do list.

To learn more about life at this vibrant retirement community, call 800-216-1920.