“We see diversity as a cornucopia not a cacophony.”

Bishop Dwayne D Royster, at the annual Martin Luther King Breakfast in Kennett Square PA, January 15, 2018.

One of the things we value at Kendal⁓Crosslands Communities is a spirit of inclusion. At the annual Martin Luther King breakfast in Kennett Square, many members of our community were present to hear the keynote speaker, Bishop Dwayne D. Royster, talk about how a true vision of a multicultural community where the content of a person’s character was more important than the color of their skin. His statement that diversity is a cornucopia filled with talents, perspectives, and humanity that makes us strong, is a message we want to ensure is reflected in our communities as well.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are Core Values

We’re proud of the diversity in our communities where people of all faiths and backgrounds, not just people who are Quaker, are welcomed and celebrated. Our residents all take different paths to discovering Kendal⁓Crosslands, and it has led to residents joining our community from all over the United States, not just Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. In fact, many find the varied backgrounds of residents part of what makes the fabric of the community so enjoyable.  

Values in Practice- Chester Charter School for the Arts

The different passions of our residents leads them to take the phrase “vibrant retirement” to heart.  As just one of many examples, in 2012, Kendal residents along with community partners helped start the Chester Charter School for the Arts.  The school is a public non-profit arts-integrated charter school serving students in the predominantly African American city of Chester, one of the poorest cities in America.  This great achievement speaks to the continuing dedication of the Kendal⁓Crosslands community to ensuring opportunity for everyone in the cornucopia of humanity, whether they live at Kendal or elsewhere.  The residents were recognized for this partnership by Leading Age where in October, 2017 they were awarded the Hobart Jackson Cultural Diversity Award.  And, this spring, Kendal~Crosslands Communities will once again be a proud sponsor of the Philadelphia Women of Excellence Conference.  To be held on Saturday, March 31, 2018, over one thousand women of color will come together and celebrate those who exemplify a stunning level of excellence in their community.

Kendal-Crosslands Community

We hope that if you are looking to explore living options at Kendal⁓Crosslands, you will know that there is a wonderful, caring community of future friends waiting for you, to help celebrate everything that you bring from your background and history.  After all, all of your life experiences and interests help make the fabric of the community more interesting and colorful, and we can’t wait to make you part of our diverse family.

Find out More about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Kendal-Crosslands Communities

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are core values here at Kendal-Crosslands Communities. Our vision emerges from the Quaker belief that there is a spark of the divine in each person. We are dedicated to fostering a living and working space where people of different races, backgrounds, and identities come together, respect each other’s perspectives, and honor the gifts that each person brings. Find out more by clicking below.