Kendal-Crosslands Communities has been re-imagining retirement living and services from our inception over 50 years ago. This cornerstone value means that we are always looking for a better way to meet our community’s needs and future expectations.  

As part of this effort, we are thrilled to announce the groundbreaking of the newly re-imagined Kendal at Longwood Health Center. 

How did this come about?View from Courtyard

Since 2017, staff, residents, and board members have worked together and collaboratively planned the newly designed Health Center with its most crucial integration into our campus. Extensive research into trends in healthcare along with our values helped guide the plans as our vision took shape. The goal has been to provide a design that also helps with programming to maximize every residents’ quality of life and overall well-being.

We have worked to create a warm, inviting environment that prioritizes comfort, safety, and personalized care. The design will continue to integrate our community, provide comforting and engaging spaces, and ignite the passion of residents and staff in a new environment purposely driven toward achieving a healthy community. In this place, community, nature, and care meet.

What will be included?

The center will provide multiple scales of living with personal care and skilled nursing, accommodating approximately 114 residents. As it is today, all rooms will be private and located on the center’s first floor. The center will provide a haven for those needing supportive services, such as cognitive impairments that offer programming and design features to maximize independence and wayfinding that encourages safe activities and outdoor exploration. A Montessori environment is incorporated into the design, reflecting residents’ interests and passions. The newly designed Resident Care will feature improved designs to strengthen the primary healthcare services available on campus.

In addition to the accommodations for residents with personal care or skilled nursing needs, an additional 19 independent living ground floor apartments are included in the design, which will help us meet current demand for new residences as well.

View of main courtyard

Main Courtyard

What Will It Look Like?

The new two-story addition will adjoin the renovated health center building. One floor will be the health center, and the ground floor will be the new independent living apartments offering a variety of floor plans. The newly reimagined center will harmonize with the campus and create new outdoor spaces that will serve as gathering and community spaces for all residents.

You can see the architect renderings below to get an idea of the finished center’s scope and feel in the image carousel below.

Sustainabilitysustainability of new Health Center

As one of our core values, environmental sustainability is an important part of this new project. We are including solar infrastructure to help reduce energy use, incorporating energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems and use of healthy materials to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. In addition, water conservation and rain-water management were priorities in the design.

What Is The Timeline For The Project?

We will break ground on February 20, and construction is expected to last three years. There will be five stages to construction, with the independent living completed earlier in the timeline. 

We plan to post regular updates and pictures of the progress of the project and updates as they become available.