There’s a lot of talk at Kendal communities across the country about intergenerational programs and initiatives, and we have those here at Kendal-Crosslands Communities as well. But as the first Kendal community, intergenerational takes on a new meaning when some of our residents have chosen Kendal-Crosslands for their retirement home because their parents or relatives were here as residents.

Intergenerational Retirement?

Take Chuck and Nell Kruger. They moved here from a beautiful, 60 acre farm on an island off the southern coast of Ireland this past fall. Nell’s mom, Mabel, was a resident at Kendal at Longwood for 22 years, between 1985 to 2007, and after comparing a number of possible communities, the Krugers decided to come back to Kendal at Longwood. When we spoke about their decision, Nell told us that alot about the experience with her Mom made Kendal at Longwood a logical choice for them. “When Mom was passing away, many of the staff as well as friends came by to say goodbye, and we knew that she had really become part of their family as well as ours.”  When Chuck and Nell were moving in, some of the staff came by to help with little things and ask, “You’re Mabel’s daughter, aren’t you?” In fact, one staff member made a jar of Mabel’s family relish recipe that she had shared years before, to help welcome Chuck and Nell to the community. That’s the sort of intangible and unexpected benefit that comes from having a community with a stable staff that really cares about the residents as family.

Families Choose Us- From the Beginning

Inergenerational connections at Kendal~CrosslandsLikewise, Ann Ensor’s mom was one of the founding residents who moved into Kendal at Longwood in 1974. Ann also worked at Kendal as a night supervisor in the skilled nursing wing, and a few other communities in the area as a nurse. She decided on Kendal for many reasons, and knew she wanted to move here when she reached her early 70’s, so she could take advantage of everything Kendal-Crosslands Communities has to offer. While she has been part of many groups outside Kendal-Crosslands, the move to the community has been like coming home- she even remarks that some of the furniture that her mother had at Kendal has now returned with her for a second generation of use!

Planning Ahead

Then you have people like Sara and Richard Leff, who are planning ahead for themselves, as well as their families. Sara’s mom moved to Crosslands from Kentucky; her Uncle moved to Crosslands from Connecticut, and both of Richard’s parents moved from New York to Crosslands as well. “We know we’ll be putting down a deposit as soon as we’re old enough ourselves” says Richard. Sara added “Each of our relatives chose Kendal on their own, weighing all sorts of different options. But for us, we’re so glad they are there. They get the care and help they need, and we’re nearby if they need us. The excellent care management has been a blessing, and we want to make sure we have the same for ourselves, while removing the worry for our boys at the same time.”

Questions to Ask When You are Comparing Communities

When you visit retirement communities, ask how long the staff has been there. We have current sales staff that worked here as teenagers, staff that has worked here for 30 years or more, and residents who used to be staff. This continuity tells a story about Kendal-Crosslands Communities that other factors don’t – it’s a community where people truly care about each other, staff and residents alike. And our model has stood the test of time, as our second generation residents have shown.

If you are looking for a retirement community that will provide the care that literally spans generations, give us a call at (610) 388-1441 and we’ll show you more of what makes Kendal-Crosslands Communities the best retirement community in Southeastern Pennsylvania.