Casey Groff
Casey Groff

Once you have selected your new home here at Kendal-Crosslands Communities, there is a 90 day period where we will renovate and make-over your new home. If you’ve ever seen any of the home “makeover” shows on HGTV, you’ll know there are a lot of things to do, in a very short amount of time.

Getting Started

The first part of this renovation process is meeting with Casey Groff, our grounds and horticulture supervisor, to discuss the garden area outside of your new cottage or first floor apartment. Casey has been at Kendal-Crosslands for over 10 years, and as our grounds and horticulture supervisor, he maintains a staff of 9 full time and an additional 4-5 part time grounds staff, including a Grounds Operations Leader, a Horticulturist, and an arboretum assistant.  He even has a full-time auto mechanic to keep the fleet of vehicles for the campus in great shape! 

With the exception of second-floor apartments at Crosslands, all the cottages at Kendal and Crosslands come with an outdoor garden area that you are responsible for. You might want to change out some plants, prune current plants and trees, or make other changes to the plantings to suit your preferences. Casey’s team can prune, edge and mulch, to refresh what’s currently there. After that, it is expected that you will maintain this area as part of your new home on your own.

A Garden to Call Your Own

Many of our residents love gardening, and look forward to having their own personal garden area, while others prefer to have a low-maintenance landscape. Fellow residents are always willing to give you advice if needed. Casey and his department also have a list of garden helpers- people who can help, whether it’s a strong back to help with labor-intensive jobs, or help you design the area to meet your needs. These independent contractors have worked with other residents in the past and are known for doing a good job for reasonable fees.

If you are moving to Coniston or Cartmel, your new home comes with more garden beds and areas to maintain. This also means more areas that will need upkeep as well. When you meet with Casey, you will likely walk the property and make decisions about what needs to stay and what might be overgrown. Like at Kendal and Crosslands, if you wish to add additional plants or trees, you are welcome to do so with a few restrictions regarding exotic invasives. However, you will need to add those plants and maintain them on your own, as well as keep up with weeding and other maintenance.

Grounds & Horticulture- maintaining over 500 acres

Casey ensures that the common areas on all four campuses- Kendal at Longwood, Crosslands, Coniston and Cartmel- look great year-round.  He has to manage common areas, meadows, a certified arboretum, and over 100 acres of turf! He also has to worry about rainfall, drainage, stormwater management, and try to do it all with an eye towards environmentally friendly practices and good stewardship, in alignment with our core values.  It’s like trying to manage a whole town with a private staff, to make sure walkways are always clear, hazards are addressed, and the community is always well maintained.

Casey works closely with many of the committees on each campus, where residents get involved in everything from community gardens to maintaining trails. If you have a green thumb or are interested in lending a hand, Casey will introduce you to the various options available. The committees are always excited to have new residents join and get involved.

Whether you are an experienced gardener or you prefer a low maintenance year-round landscape, our team will help you get started on the right foot!

Find out more about the Kendal-Crosslands Arboretum!

Casey Groff, along with volunteers from the Kendal-Crosslands Community helps to maintain our certified arboretum. The arboretum even has its own website! Just click the button below to go to the arboretum website and learn more.