Grace Taylor will be a senior at Avon Grove High School and knew she wanted a flexible job around her school and extra-curricular activities.  Her parents encouraged her to apply because they knew of a resident who lived here at Kendal-Crosslands and learned it is a good place to live and work.  So, she started her new job as a culinary team member in April 2021.  

Relationships are the best part of the job

Grace’s parents were right, and she is grateful they encouraged her to apply for a job at Kendal~Crosslands Communities.  The best part of Grace’s job is interacting with residents.  The residents are interested in Grace and all the staff, asking them about their weekends, school work, and plans for the future. “I even get to hear about their life and what they did as a career; they are interesting people.” In addition, Grace enjoys getting to know her co-workers. Everyone is supportive, and it is nice to have conversations with others. She says it’s like a family.

Her busy shift but not overwhelmed

Grace’s shift starts by reading pre- and post-job responsibilities. Then, she’ll pour water, set up a salad or soup station, prepare linens, and polish the silverware if she has time.  During her shift, she takes food orders from residents, helps them get their entrees, and serves dessert.  Sometimes, she will help set up a dining event outdoors, on the patio. Then, she and the team vacuum and set the tables for the next day. “I am busy, but we work as a team.  This job is great because we are busy but not overwhelmed, and that is helpful.  And, at the end of my shift, I can take some food home.  The Chefs make delicious food, and my parents like to try it too”.

Flexibility around school and activities

Grace likes the flexibility with her job at Kendal~Crosslands Communities. “I start tennis in the fall, and my supervisor is very supportive and creates a work schedule to accommodate my extra-curricular activities.” Her shift doesn’t start until 4:45, so she has time to come home after school, get a snack, and start her homework.  Then, she completes her shift around 8:15. “It’s wonderful, everyone is helpful and supportive; I love it here.”

The future

Grace has plans to be a nurse someday.  She knows many staff members who started in the Culinary department, used the tuition assistance program, and the CNA class and are now a nurse. “The residents ask what I want to do, and it is nice they have an interest in my life. Many of them have given me valuable advice.”

Advice for others seeking a new job

For her first job, Grace says that working at Kendal~Crosslands Communities is a great place to start.  Everyone is so friendly, the shift schedules are flexible, and the benefits are generous. “You will enjoy it too.”

Looking for a Part-Time Job?

Working in our dining and culinary department as a server can be a great first job or a part-time job. If you are looking for a great job helping people where you will be appreciated, look no further! Just click the button below to apply for our various part-time jobs- some even come with benefits!