Working While in School

Jaymes has been working at Kendal-Crosslands Communities (KCC) for over 11 years. He was working at a local pharmacy stocking shelves, when someone from KCC saw him and said he should apply for a job. He had heard good things about Kendal, so he applied and was hired to work part-time while he was still in school.  

Part-time leads to Full-time

Jaymes started working in the Environmental Services Department and was also helping out with the Grounds Staff especially during Winter, making sure pathways were clear and safe. He began working in housekeeping, and rose to being a supervisor, and is now one of the lead supervisors, helping to inspect and direct the deep cleanings and other work across Crossland’s campus, after being at Kendal at Longwood doing the same. “I think I’ve gotten to see just about every home on campus, and I love the interaction with the residents. We make sure things are being kept up to their satisfaction, and we really get to know people over time.”

Relationships are Important Here

Many people on staff have developed close friendships, and some even have family members who are also on staff in different departments. James met his wife, Sarah, while they were in high school, but re-met while working at Kendal-Crosslands. Sarah is one of the nurse managers in skilled nursing at Kendal at Longwood, caring for residents who have long-term health needs.

“It’s been great, because everyone here helps each other out, and supervisors try to be understanding and flexible when there are family demands or issues,” Jaymes said. There’s a low turnover rate for employees, and many people have been on staff for ten to twenty years. This means people can build long-term relationships with fellow staff members and with residents- and they form a supportive, helpful network.

People Pull Together and Help

“During COVID, things were tough- we had to make quick changes in what we did, and sometimes we worked long hours. But the staff and the residents really worked together- residents would put notes on the doors thanking us, and we felt really appreciated even when things were challenging.”

Benefits and Wellness

When you ask Jaymes if he would recommend KCC to friends or family, he said “Absolutely! You can really make a career here if you want to. I’m getting training and taking HVAC classes, and I use the many benefits, including discount programs at stores and on cell phones.”  “We also have access to the great gym facilities and I probably walk about 19,000 steps a day, so that helps keep me fit and active, too.”

The many positions available at KCC are designed to help everyone grow over time, with continuing education, certifications, and advancement. Along with excellent benefits and even on-site child-care, it’s no wonder James and his wife both have found careers they love at Kendal-Crosslands Communities.

Looking for a new challenge?

Whether you are looking for a part-time or full-time position, Kendal-Crosslands has many job opportunities that can fit the bill. And who knows? That part-time position might turn into something even better over time- with the help of tuition reimbursement and other employee benefits that help provide a great working environment. Click the button below to see our current job openings, and there might be a perfect position, just waiting for you to apply!