Joe Deckman

Joe Deckman

Joe Deckman has been working at Kendal-Crosslands Communities for 38 years. Joe started as a trainee and carpenter, then became a supervisor and construction manager. Now, he is taking on a new challenge as Project Manager for the new Health Center building on Kendal at Longwood’s campus. 

During his time at Kendal-Crosslands, Joe’s seen the inside of just about every apartment and cottage on all four campuses: Kendal at Longwood, Crosslands, Coniston, and Cartmel. He’s met with just about every resident and knows how important it is that every resident feels at home.

As construction manager, Joe helped each resident through the renovation process to ensure their new home reflected their preferences. Now, as Project Manager, Joe will be able to bring his knowledge of residents and the community while working with the construction company and engineers to make sure the new building meets the standards residents deserve.

“One of my major responsibilities as Project Manager will be making sure the community knows what’s happening and is updated with new information as it becomes available,” Joe said. The contractors have an aggressive timeline to complete the project, and we want to help them stay on track. We also know that there will be inconveniences, such as noise, changes in parking, and more, that come with any construction project.” 

The New Independent Living Units

In the earlier phase of the project, an additional 18 ground-floor independent living apartments will be constructed as part of the new health center building. Joe’s experience as a construction manager will help ensure the new apartments are finished with the residents’ selections before move-in. “This part of my job as project manager will be just like my old job, and I look forward to working with the new residents.” 

While the independent living apartments will be ready for occupancy, other construction phases will continue. Joe and his team will do everything to ensure new residents can live comfortably while the later phases of the construction come to completion.  “We know from our experience with the new homes on the Crosslands campus that deadlines can move, and weather can impede things like landscaping. However, with good communications between the contractors and the community, I know we’ll be able to get through this as smoothly as possible.”

Timing is Everything

Joe will help keep the pressure on the contractors to ensure the project phases remain on schedule as much as possible. While construction timelines can slip due to weather and supply chain issues, having a good working relationship with the contractors and ensuring the community is aware of any changes is key to a successful project.

Joe will be the main liaison between the community and the contractors. He is already planning regular updates to keep everyone informed about what’s happening so residents feel a part of the project.

The end result will be a significant upgrade to the health services, which will benefit all residents. The changes will take time, but it’s clear that the end result and the inevitable construction challenges will be worth the inconvenience.