Maureen Thompson
Maureen Thompson

When you meet Maureen, you know in the first few minutes that she cares about the people she works with. As Kendal-Crosslands Communities move-in coordinator, her job is to help make the move-in process go smoothly, from choosing finishes in the Design Center to coordinating all the details for Moving Day.  She’s often seen around campus, taking that extra step to make sure a new move-in goes well, or a new resident feels settled. 

Maureen joined KCC as Move In Coordinator in January 2017.  She brings 30 years of experience in Long Term Care to her role, having served seniors in various roles including as Executive Director in personal care homes and as Administrator of several nursing homes.  

Get to Know Maureen Better

Maureen grew up in Woodstock,  NY.  She received her BS from Union College in Schenectady, NY and her MBA from Widener University in Chester, PA.  

“What I really love is helping people. When people are moving, especially out of their family homes, it can be very stressful. By helping them make choices about finishes, what to bring and then helping them settle in, we can make the whole process better. Plus we have a lot of resources, including Senior Move Managers that we’ve worked with in the past, that can really help make the process much less daunting,” Maureen said. 

“Providing excellent customer service makes everyone, including me, feel better. Even in COVID, we’ve been able to help people make selections virtually- one couple just moved here from out of state and had never seen their new home before- and they were really happy with the whole process,” she mentioned. By being the “go to person,” Maureen makes the Kendal-Crosslands moving experience easier, and helps ease anxieties about the moving process.  

Maureen and her husband were high school sweethearts, and have lived in the area since the late 1980’s. Her son, 25  is a visual effects specialist, and her daughter, 21, is a junior at Temple.  The whole family enjoys exploring the many hiking trails in Chester County and sailing on the Chesapeake. “I love cooking for the family on weekends, and making everyone feel loved and at home- I guess that’s what I do best, since it’s really part of my day job too!”

Sausage Strata Breakfast Casserole

This is one of our favorite holiday breakfast meals- by making it the night before, all you have to do is bake the next morning and serve- if you use paper plates- you can even skip the dishes!


1 lb breakfast sausage

½ cup diced red peppers

12 slices of your favorite bread

1 lb shredded swiss cheese

6 large eggs

3 cups milk

1 tsp yellow mustard

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

1/8 tsp pepper

1/8 tsp nutmeg


Brown & drain sausage.  Spray 13×9 pan with non-stick spray.  Line pan with 6 pieces of bread. Layer ½ the sausage, peppers and cheese on top. Repeat layer.  In a large mixing bowl, mix eggs, milk, mustard, Worcestershire, pepper & nutmeg.  Pour egg mixture into pan & refrigerate overnight.  Bake uncovered @ 350 degrees for 40-50 minutes.