Nancy Regenye

When you first meet Nancy, you have to be impressed by her experience and dedication to the Kendal-Crosslands Community. Nancy has worked in different capacities here since she was in high school!  She started off with a job as a server in the main dining room and became the Dining Room Supervisor when she was in college.  In fact, Kendal-Crosslands’ tuition reimbursement program helped pay for Nancy to get her master’s degree and make the choice to work in long-term care for a career!

Experience at Work

Nancy has a master’s in Health Care Administration from West Chester and is a certified Aging Services professional who has been working in Long Term care since 1987. After graduating, she worked as Admissions Director for a for-profit nursing home and the Sales Associate for another continuing care retirement community, before coming back to Kendal-Crosslands Communities in 2000. Some of the potential new residents she works with have had parents that lived in Kendal or Crosslands ten to fifteen years ago, and are now considering Kendal-Crosslands Communities for their own retirement. Nancy often remembers the family members from when she was the Dining Room supervisor, bringing that additional sense of connection and community that helps make Kendal-Crosslands special.

 “During my time here I have worked with the second generation of residents on several occasions, it so interesting to see the 70 year old children move in after their parents had such a positive experience living on our campus” Nancy noted.

Nancy moved to the area as a junior in High School and graduated from Unionville High School. She lives with Dave, her husband of 17 years and her 10 year old daughter Riley, in nearby New Garden, along with their two 4 ½ year old rescue dogs, Chase and Henry.  “We spend time on the weekends taking walks in the local park, or going to gymnastic events with our daughter. She first got involved with gymnastics at the pre-school here at Crosslands, and has loved it ever since,” Nancy said. With her parents and brother also living nearby, they spend a lot of time together with family, going to kid’s sporting events, spending time outside, and enjoying the area. Nancy also loves photography and scrapbooking, and jokes that when she retires, the activity director will love her because she has all of her photographs labeled already!

Nancy also serves on the Board of the Marketing and PR Society since 2002.  She also served on the Board of the Kennett Area Senior Center from 2005-2017, and as its President from 2006-2010, and again in 2014-2017.

Working to help people secure their future

All of this experience means Nancy understands every step of the aging process, and how to plan so your needs are addressed- hopefully proactively!  She takes time to get to know everyone she works with, so she can help them make the best decision possible for their own retirement. 

She stated that “One of the things people often forget is that you shouldn’t put off your decision too long. I’ve seen people wait to join our priority list and then when they are really ready to move, there is a long wait for the cottage they want. Others delay making a decision and then end up not being able to qualify to move in, and I hate to see them disappointed. If there’s one thing I could say to someone looking for a community like ours, is that it’s much better to move in sooner than end up being too late to enjoy the retirement you’ve been saving for and looking forward to for years!”

Nancy’s Favorite recipe

Ham, Egg & Cheese Brunch Sliders

Prep: 15 min total time: 55 min 12 servings

1 pkg Hawaiian Sweet Rolls (12)

1 pkg (6 oz) Oscar Meyer Deli Fresh Black forest ham

6 eggs

2 Tbsp milk

¼ c butter divided

½ c Philadelphia chive & onion cream cheese spread

1/2tsp Grey Poupon or other dijon mustard

½ tsp poppy seeds

Transfer rolls to a cutting board and cut the entire block of rolls (DO NOT Separate) horizontally in half- giving you essentially one giant roll.

Take a 13 x 9 pan and pre-grease or use cooking spray to prepare.  

Place bottom sides of rolls, cut side up on the pan, and then add the folded ham slices on top.

Whisk the eggs and milk until blended. Melt 1 Tbsp of butter in a large, nonstick skillet on medium low heat.  Add eggs and cook 4 – 5 min until just set, stirring occasionally. Spoon over ham.

Spread the cream cheese spread onto the cut side of the roll tops and place over the eggs and ham in the pan to form a sandwich.

Microwave the remaining butter until melted. Add the mustard and poppy seeds.

Drizzle over the tops of the rolls and let stand 20 minutes

Heat the oven to 350 degrees.  Bake sandwiches for 20 min or until heated through.

What I love best about these is you can make them ahead and keep them in the fridge for 24 hours, so we’ll make them the night before and just heat and serve in the morning- a great way to have a quick, delicious breakfast on a holiday morning, without any extra work.