Ricci Thompson

Ricci has been working at Crosslands for over 11 years. He started working in the kitchen at Kendal at Longwood. He then took the Certified Nursing Assistant classes offered by Kendal-Crosslands Communities and moved into a position as a care partner, also known as a nursing assistant.

Finding the Perfect Position

Ricci had friends that were working at KCC and heard great things about it- that it was a positive working environment, and the residents were terrific.  He decided to put in an application, but there were no openings at first, but he got called when an opening occurred, and he’s been here ever since.

“One of the best things about working at KCC is everyone really gets to know each other,” Ricci said, describing how it becomes a community among the staff as well as creating a community for the residents. When KCC says the community is a great place to live if it’s a great place to work, they really mean it. Ricci’s aunt is also an aide and his significant other also works at KCC. They have a baby on the way and anticipate using the on-site child care, letting them be close to their baby even while at work.

In addition to the health and child care benefits, the discounts, on-site exercise facilities and tuition-reimbursement and training support have been really helpful. “The CNA program was really hands-on. I got a lot of experience, and the training made me prepared for my new job, “ Ricci said. “The supervisors here are very open and understanding, especially when it comes to school and family commitments.  That’s important.”

Building Relationships Through Caringricci thompson

Becoming an aide and then nursing assistant gave Ricci more time with the residents and he really enjoys making those connections. “Being a nursing assistant, I really get to know the residents and help them every day. We become close and I love hearing their stories and sharing in their lives” Ricci said. “You get to know the families, and that was especially important during COVID. We were their connection, and I think that helped people still feel connected, even when they couldn’t visit as often.”

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Interested in finding your perfect path?

Kendal-Crosslands Communities has a variety of positions, offering you opportunities to explore your interests and pathways, like Ricci. Ricci started out in dining, but is now a Nurse Assistant, with the help of training and tuition reimbursement benefits provided by Kendal-Crosslands. Explore your personal growth, while helping seniors truly transform the experience of aging for the better. Just click on the button below to see our current opportunities and how you can get started today!