When you decide to move into a new home, one of the things everyone looks forward to is making the new space their own. Here at Kendal-Crosslands Communities, once you have been accepted to the community and have decided on a home, you’ll have the opportunity to work with our Structural Supervisor, Horticulturist and Move-In Coordinator to make choices about customizing your home to meet your needs. 

Customization and Selections

Just like when you move into an existing home, Kendal-Crosslands cottages come with a standard set of appliances and finish options. You may be happy with these, or you may decide you’d like to make different choices or more substantial changes before you move. While some options are included, others have an additional upgrade fee associated, so be sure to check with the move-in coordinator so you know what options have additional costs.

Make Your Home Your Own

Many options are available to help make your new home work for you. Renovations options such as opening up a kitchen or reconfiguring the layout by removing or changing walls are available, but may be at an additional cost, depending on the extent of the construction required. Other structural options like adding built-in shelving, customizations for closets or your storage shed are also available. If there is a patio enclosure scheduled to be installed, you’ll have choices regarding whether you would like a solid or glass knee wall and door placement. 

All of these options are available to you when you meet with the Structural Supervisor. Be sure to get a firm understanding of what options are included and which options may be at an additional cost before making your selections.

The Design Center

design studio

After you meet with the Structural supervisor, you’ll have a chance to go to our new Design Center with the Move-In Coordinator. There, you will be able to make selections for countertops, appliance options, hardware and flooring.  Please bring along any items such as pillows or bedspreads that may help you make a decision about paint colors and finishes.

While there is a sheer curtain provided for the front door, no other window treatments are provided. We do have a selection of local and online sellers that can help you get the shades and window treatments to help make your home perfect from the first day you arrive.

The Outside is Important, too!

Our landscape planners will meet with you about the areas outside your new cottage. There are areas to garden, and we can help you to remove some plantings, trim shrubs and trees, or change some aspects of the planting beds before you move in. This outdoor landscaping immediately around your home is done for the first time at no charge to the new resident, but after that, you are expected to maintain the area and replace plants at your own option and expense.

The Process

Our goal is to have you comfortable in your new home and assist you in what can be an overwhelming and exciting process.

Our experienced Move-In coordinator will help you make your selections and keep you informed of progress of renovations. During this time, you will also be contacted by current residents on the Welcoming Committee, to help answer questions and make sure you feel a part of the community before you arrive. 

By thinking through all aspects of the moving process, before, during and after the move, everyone works together to make the process as smooth as possible. We know you’ll love your new community, and we can’t wait to say Welcome Home!