Betty & Bob


Kendal-Crosslands Communities will change your mind forever about retirement communities.


When you meet residents of Kendal-Crosslands Communities, the first thing you’re struck by is the way they make anyone feel welcome. While talking to residents the other day about their experiences in searching for a retirement community, the conversation flowed easily and naturally, like we had been friends for years.  The residents were very open about how they viewed things, and why they chose Kendal-Crosslands for their retirement home.


Meet Betty And Bob


Betty moved into Kendal at Longwood four years ago, when she was 69. While the average age of incoming residents is often in the mid 70’s, the availability of a preferred cottage came up sooner than she and her husband Bob were expecting. Rather than wait for another cottage, they decided to go ahead and move in. Since moving in, both Betty and Bob have become very involved in the residents association. Betty is leading the Intergenerational Committee, which sponsors various projects ranging from ESL tutoring to projects in conjunction with Lincoln University students. Bob is deeply involved in photography, singing, and the Trails team, which keeps the miles of walking trails clear for resident hiking.


“We looked at a number of other communities, including some closer to our home in Virginia. We tried to like them, but nothing compared to this,” she said. Many of the differences, whether it was the lack of gates and guards at Kendal-Crosslands or the well-curated library, spoke to differences in baseline values that made it easy to choose Kendal at Longwood as their home.


Betty spoke about how important the community is at Kendal. The opportunities for residents to explore new interests, share expertise, and participate in both the internal and external community keeps Kendal residents engaged and active. By moving in sooner rather than later, residents experience the fullness of life in the community, where opportunities to explore are only limited by imagination.


The Residents Association is Key


Resident life at Kendal-Crosslands Communities is organized by the residents themselves, not an activity director. That means the community is constantly evolving as the residents themselves change.


“If someone wants to start an activity, all you have to do is start a new committee, as I did with the Intergenerational Committee,” Betty said. The community provides numerous cultural opportunities, and residents frequently post sign up sheets allow a number of people to get together. Then if transportation is needed, it can be organized by the Community, to take Residents door to door to a play in Wilmington or the Symphony in Philadelphia, for example. It’s simple and straightforward, and everyone has the ability to do it.


Every resident at Kendal-Crosslands is inherently valued, and empowered to be a catalyst within the community. Residents are incredibly supportive of each other. It’s a place where expression of yourself through song, artwork, writing, pottery, photography and more are valued and encouraged, and it’s a place where people feel safe to do so.


Transforming the experience of aging at Kendal-Crosslands Communities is best when it starts sooner than later. To make the most of the community and all it has to offer, don’t wait- consider coming for a visit and getting on the priority list to reserve your spot now.