There’s something about Spring that makes us want to open up the windows, dust things off, and make a fresh start. Spring cleaning checklists are everywhere, and whether you’re Martha Stewart, or looking for something less intensive, there’s plenty of advice to go around.


checklistWhen we started to look for a checklist of spring cleaning chores to share, just reading the lists often want to make you reconsider and go take a nap. Lists include dusting all moldings and baseboards, ceiling fans and furniture. They suggest washing walls, doors, banisters and windows, inside and out. Deep cleaning carpets and floors, cleaning air vents, cleaning out the fridge and cupboards, vacuuming refrigerator coils and more are on the list.  While I agree that all of these things need to be done, the list can rapidly feel overwhelming, and I understand yet another reason why Kendal-Crosslands community residents are so happy- they are living a maintenance-free lifestyle in their cottages, and can get any and all help they need with these chores!

Declutter While Refreshing Your Home for Spring

Something that caught our eye on a blog called I Dream of Clean, suggested you use Spring Cleaning as the perfect time to declutter your home at the same time. Rather than just dusting and rearranging everything as is, Spring Cleaning can give you an opportunity to do some strategic downsizing and declutter in the process.

Decluttering while you clean can be as easy as getting a few boxes and labeling them :Downsizing while cleaning

  • Things to give to a friend/family member
  • Things to donate
  • Things to sell
  • Things to trash
  • Things to Recycle
  • Things to Move
  • Things to Keep
  • And, the Maybe box- when you’re just not sure what should happen to the item.

As you clean and organize a room, you can sort things at the same time, and start eliminating things that aren’t being used and aren’t making you happy. At the end, you’ll have a few boxes of things ready for their new home, and you’ll have less things to clean in the process- that’s a win-win, especially if you are considering a move into a smaller home in the next few years.


If you are thinking about your retirement options, even if it seems like it’s a few years away, doing strategic decluttering now will help make any future move a lot easier, and the process much less daunting. Decluttering and downsizing bit by bit while you Spring Clean just makes sense,for its immediate benefits, and to make your long-term goals easier to achieve.


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