Crosslands DinnerWelcome to the new Kendal~Crosslands Blog! We’ll post new blogs regularly to keep you updated, answer your questions, and inform you about new and exciting things happening at Kendal~Crosslands. In our first blog, we’re going to explore the benefits of choosing a Life Care contract.


Choosing to live at a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) such as Kendal~Crosslands is a decision that will change the way you think about your future. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that all campus amenities, services, and health care are taken care of for you as long as you choose to live at Kendal~Crosslands with a Life Care contract.


In a Life Care contract, new residents pay an initial entrance fee and a monthly service fee. The cost of the initial entrance fee is typically covered by the sale of a resident’s previous house, therefore trading the equity in a house for future health care services.


The monthly service fee covers services such as, but not limited to, utilities, amenities, landscaping, home maintenance, dining, and more, and it will not increase when you receive a higher level of services, with the exception of yearly inflation adjustments. If you choose to opt for additional meals, this cost is also applied to the monthly service fee.


This program is a means for managing risk for both the community and the resident, where the community assumes most of the risk while the resident assumes very little. It pays for long-term care for your lifetime, regardless of the amount or duration of services received. It is the most secure and well-rounded health care plan available.


Our Life Care contract provides all levels of care including unlimited long-term personal care, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation services, should a resident ever need them, for as long as they need them.


There are also refund options available on your initial entrance fee. You may choose from a 0%, 50%, or 90% refund program, each with different benefits to suit your personal preferences. And, because your entrance fee and monthly service fees are considered health care costs, they may be applicable for significant tax deductions.


Kendal~Crosslands also offers a modified form of the life care contract, which includes a reduced entrance fee and specific time limits on health services.


For more information on contract options at Kendal~Crosslands, call us today at 800-216-1920, or contact us online here.