Do you ever procrastinate making decisions?


We all do. The big decisions can be particularly hard, like deciding on whether to even consider a retirement living community like Kendal-Crosslands.


But there are small things you can do now that will ensure you have options later on. We try to eat well and exercise so our health is better long term.  We save money so we’ll have a secure retirement. We buy insurance so we’re covered, just in case. And deciding to reserve a spot on the priority list for Kendal-Crosslands Communities is just that- insurance that you have a choice of cottages when you are finally ready to move.


Thinking Ahead Gives You Choicesplanning


Have you ever decided to go to dinner and find out the wait times are an hour or longer?  Have you thought about seeing a great show in New York, only to find it’s sold out for six months at the very least? We’re having a similar challenge here at Kendal-Crosslands Communities.


Over the last two years, Kendal-Crosslands Communities have seen the number of available cottages shrink and wait times lengthen, especially for our larger cottages. Although each community, Kendal at Longwood and Crosslands, has just over 250 cottages or apartments, most of our available inventory is in cozy studio and one bedroom cottages under 700 square feet.  Our current wait times to move in to various homes larger than 1,000 square feet can be five years or longer.


This means that many times we get calls from people who think they are planning ahead, looking three years or so down the line, but end up very disappointed to find out the waiting times for their preferred cottage might be even longer than that.  This can drastically change retirement living planning and catch people off guard.


That’s why we encourage people to start looking at their long term retirement living options early. We have residents moving in who are as young as 65! If you think you want to move to a retirement community but not until you are 73 or 74, with current wait times, that would mean filling out a priority list application when you’re 66 or 67, in order to make sure you have options.


They’re Going Fast!Checklist


For example, two years ago, we had one bedroom with den and two bedroom/two bath cottages with just under 1,000 square feet with immediate availability. Now, we have wait times for those homes that are at least three to nine months and more people are being added to the list every day. With the increasing number of Baby Boomers approaching retirement, high-quality, CARF certified communities like ours are in high demand, and unless you make your “reservation” early by joining the priority list, there’s no guarantee we will have a cottage for you when you decide the time is right.


If you are able to consider a Studio or One Bedroom cottage, there are just a few cottages available without wait times, but they are going fast. These economical floor plans offer some of the most affordable monthly and entry fees. You also have the opportunity to customize your new home as part of the renovations process, making choices about cabinets, flooring and kitchens to make sure that even a compact space can work for you.


Regardless of size, if you are interested in Kendal-Crosslands Communities for your independent retirement living, we urge you to consider filling out our priority list application, to ensure that you reserve your place in line, and have options as you start to move towards retirement.  Just like getting on the priority wait list at your favorite restaurant, if you don’t act soon, the wait is only going to get longer.

Give us a call today at (844) 907-1800 if you are ready to take the next step to get on our Priority List!

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