At Kendal~Crosslands Communities, our value of maintaining a high-quality work experience begins with excellent benefits.  Health insurance is the foundation of any comprehensive benefits package, and at KCC, we are happy to provide the top ten components of our medical insurance plan:

Health Plan Features

1. There is no deductible for in-network participation.  Not many medical plans offer this great deal!

2. No referrals are necessary to see a specialist.  If you need to see one, simply make the appointment and go.

3. There is reimbursement available, up to 2, for a specialist visit. Get well. See the doctor.

4. If you need physical therapy (PT) for what might ache, you can get up to 15 visits free with the PT reimbursement.  Live pain-free.

5. There is no co-pay (or out-of-pocket expenses) for inpatient hospital stays, outpatient procedures, or even radiology procedures such as an MRI, CT Scan, PET Scan, Mammogram, and blood work).  Very unique! Get your regular screenings.

6. Vision benefits are part of the medical plan.  Get some fun glasses.

7. Mail-order prescriptions are available and provide a discount.  Why make a special trip to the pharmacy.

8. If you stay well, you can receive a bi-weekly wellness credit.  You can do anything in good health.

9. If you use the Chester County Hospital or their satellite locations, you can receive $100.  We pay you!

10. Our monthly costs remain low or often stay the same.  Now that is a benefit.

We are committed to the philosophy that KCC must be an excellent place to work to be a perfect place to live.  We strive to earn and maintain a reputation as an employer of choice by taking care of not only the residents who live with us but the staff members who work with us.  Apply today, enjoy great benefits, live well.

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