Staying fit and active is important as we age, and the residents at Kendal-Crosslands Communities have amazing resources to help them on their journey.

Suzanne Stevens is the Wellness Director for Kendal-Crosslands Communities. She has been at Kendal-Crosslands for over 9 years, and as soon as you meet her, you know why so many people love her. Suzanne is all about helping people achieve their goals, in every aspect of their lives.

Before becoming Wellness director, Suzanne was involved in our Vitalize 360 Wellness program, so she understands that wellness is important to every aspect of life- how you feel and react to stress, your ability to participate in your favorite activities, interact with others and more.

“It’s amazing to see residents change as they join the community. Often, as people get older, their social circle and activities start to shrink. Once they join Kendal-Crosslands Communities, they see their community and activities expand! Everyone is always busy, doing something!”

As we sat talking, a resident passed by and stopped to sing Suzanne’s praises, saying she could be both tough and caring at the same time. Suzanne helped this particular resident through rehab after surgery in the past, and is still helping her stay active and in shape now. “She knows what she’s doing!” the resident remarked as she continued down the hall.  

Health & Wellness for Everyone

As part of the wellness program, Suzanne and her team offer an array of classes for the residents, personal fitness assessments, training, and goal setting. All of this is at no extra charge and is included in every resident’s monthly fees. “We do have some residents who still retain their country club memberships or YMCA memberships, and we’re happy to help them find programs elsewhere if needed, but we’re pretty proud of everything we have to offer here, including our new Peloton bike!”

working out for wellness
Suzanne helping a resident during his workout

Many residents use the wellness center to help keep active on a continuous basis, knowing it’s an important part of staying healthy. Sometimes, people have specific goals they want to meet, like a couple that was going to take a tour with a lot of hiking in the national parks, or another resident, Betty who wants to stay fit in order to ski at Jackson Hole every year with her family.

Designing Your Own Program

Suzanne helps each resident design a program to help them meet these goals, and then loves to hear about how they did. Talking to Betty after her recent ski trip, Betty remarked “Not only do I do specific exercises to keep my legs and arms strong, but I keep active so I stay healthy all year long. In the summer, I walk the 1 ½ mile loop around campus before it gets hot, and I take different classes during the week, including Tai Chi. I’m also in the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It’s been great for my physical strength and mentally as well.”

“We all know how important it is to stay active as we age,” Suzanne said. “Not everyone was a regular athlete before joining the community. We have people of every ability in our classes, and know how to do modifications so the people just starting out and those that are more experienced both the get workout they want and need.”

No Judgment, Supportive Environment

The ability to customize a wellness plan to meet your current and future needs is important. Suzanne and the wellness center team also work with the physical therapists and physicians on staff to make sure people stay healthy, and also get back to their best shape after having an injury or setback. By working together, our staff helps every resident stay in the best shape possible.

“It can be hard work, but we have fun as well. We’re working on adding more outdoor activities during the great weather, taking advantage of our campus and the well-maintained walking and hiking trails. We also mix up our classes, keeping the favorites, but also introducing some new things for variety, and keep what’s best. That way, there’s always something for everyone.”

“Most importantly, this is a judgment-free zone, Everyone is here to be supportive and encouraging, and even if you haven’t been active, we’re happy to help design a program to meet your needs and become more active, to help maintain your health.”

2 Communities = Twice as Many Choices

Best of all, residents have access to all of the fitness facilities and classes at both Kendal at Longwood and Crosslands. That means you have twice the choices available, and can find something that works with your schedule. Many residents find that this means they also have opportunities to make more friends as well- something that’s always in abundant supply at Kendal-Crosslands Communities.

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