Pat & Jeff

When we talk about the benefits of maintenance in our 50+ communities of Coniston and Cartmel, you might wonder what that means. Our benefits go beyond exterior maintenance and include much of the interior space that is owned by the community.  You might ask yourself: If I need a repair, do I have to submit a lot of paperwork? How long does it take to get done? Won’t it be basically the same hassle I have to go through at home? The simple answer is: Just call our maintenance department, and it’s as good as done.

What happens when a problem creeps up?

Recently, Jeff and his wife Pat, discovered a water leak in the unfinished portion of their basement in their home in Cartmel. Pat noticed that some area carpeting they had on the floor was wet, and there was a leak from the ceiling. They made a call at 8 am, and by 8:30 am, a crew arrived to see what needed to be done.  It turns out that a leak had developed in a pipe going to the hot water heater. Soon, three trucks and workers were on site, to turn off the water and put in a new section of pipe, while others were working to move items and make sure all their belongings were safe. 

Pat and Jeff were thinking they would have to throw out their area rugs, but housekeeping showed up with large extractors to remove all the water out of the carpets, and then large fans were put in place to help dry everything out as well. They were able to ensure the rugs could be saved through quick action.

Maintenance Before Cartmel

Jeff and Pat moved to Cartmel from their 70 year old farmhouse in 2017. The farm had started to be a lot to maintain, so they were looking for a low-maintenance lifestyle, where they could spend more time enjoying their lives, and less working to maintain a house and everything that goes with it. 

Jeff remarked “When you have something go wrong in your house, even a little leak like this one- it’s hard to find someone to come out and help. I could have been dumping buckets of water for days, or paying high fees for an emergency plumber- and then you still don’t know when the job will be completed, or if you will be out of hot water for a few days. All this took was one call, and the problem was being addressed in 30 minutes! I’m not sure I could find someone to come out for a problem that fast!”

Pat and Jeff got just the help they needed- and people who cared for their home and belongings as if they were their own. “It almost felt like having staff on an estate- all we had to do is make a call and everything was being handled, managed and we could go back to living our lives, without a worry,” Pat and Jeff said.

If you ever have a problem in your home, help is a phone call away.  We work hard to make sure many of the annoyances of homeownership are covered, so you can spend your time doing more of what you love, and spend no time on worrying about maintenance.

Learn More About Coniston and Cartmel- our 50+ Communities

Our two 50+ communities, Coniston and Cartmel, offer low maintenance homes, with the benefits of access to all the amenities at Kendal-Crosslands, but without the expense of a Life Plan contract. If you are considering a community where low-maintenance means prompt service with no stress, click below to download our brochure and learn more!