Cartmel features 56 duplex homes nestled on the gently sloping hills on its 60 acre campus. The carriage homes are arranged in pairs, in mini-neighborhoods, with either meadow views or lovely landscaped spaces. The majority of the homes are one story with two bedrooms, a den and 2.5 baths. All have wood-burning fireplaces and two car garages. Some also have full basements.

Cartmel is designed to help foster friendships and a sense of community. Residents gather with neighbors for twice-a-month social events and walk the trails enjoying nature. There are eight standing committees that meet regularly at the recently restored historic farmhouse, called “Old Stone”—now the center of the community—to keep Cartmel vibrant.

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Monthly Fees- What’s Included?

Cartmel residents have the opportunity to take part in the many programs and activities at Kendal at Longwood and Crosslands with most at no charge and are welcome to use any of the facilities including the library, wood shop, and art studios, swimming pools, and fitness centers. In addition, monthly fees include housekeeping, home maintenance, trash removal, and more, including school and property taxes.

Cartmel residents also have priority access to all levels of health care in the health centers at both Kendal at Longwood and Crosslands, including Resident Care, Personal Care, and Skilled Nursing on a fee-for-service basis.

Many of the residents at Cartmel decide later to move to Kendal at Longwood or Crosslands when they want the peace of mind that a Lifecare contract brings.

Meet Our Residents


Joan Shepard

Joan moved to Cartmel from Bethany Beach, Delaware. She bought what she thought would be her retirement home in Bethany and lived there for four years. “I got a big four bedroom house,expecting the kids and grandchildren would come and stay more often. But the grandchildren are in college now or have jobs, and the family is so busy, it didn’t really work out the way I expected.


Jeff & Pat

Jeff and Pat moved to Cartmel from their 70 year old farmhouse in 2017. The farm had started to be a lot to maintain. After moving to Cartmel, they were amazed at how fast maintenance was-


Meet John and Colin

John and Colin live very active lives, taking care of their two schnauzer puppies, and being involved in many committees and activities at Kendal-Crosslands and beyond. John loves to cook, but appreciates the additional housekeeping and maintenance they get at Cartmel. “We’re able to do what we want, but not have the same burden of upkeep we had in our other homes.”