A Wide Variety of Dining Options – A Taste For Every Palate

At Kendal~Crosslands Communities, sharing a meal together is essential to resident engagement in our communities. Our dining programs in our active retirement communities offer flexibility with various menu options, venues, and, of course, the flavor that satisfies many culinary preferences. From Sunday brunch to Lobster Fests, from a quick lunch in the Coffee Shop to a relaxing evening meal, we understand the importance of a variety of meal programs, multiple dining rooms, dining al fresco, and healthy nutrition programs, just to name a few, that meet and satisfy resident’s culinary delights.

Start Your Day Off Right

An active life calls for a great start to the day. Residents enjoy Waffle Wednesdays, omelets, fresh fruit and creamy oatmeal with all the trimmings, specialty breads, and more. Our Coffee Shop/Cafe dining venues offer a fast way to get your day started or a place to relax and plan your day.

Maybe a Quick Lunch…

Residents are busy. Enjoying a mid-day meal in our Cafe or Coffee Shop is perfect. Some lunchtime culinary delights include: paninis and other wonderfully crafted sandwiches, hearth oven pizza, vegetable crepes or tofu saute bar, cheeseburgers, fries, and other lunchtime favorites such as full salad bar, specialty soups and chili. Something for everyone.

Dinner Is A Time To Savor With Friends

Relax and enjoy the fellowship with other residents over a meal. Here’s what’s for dinner this evening: Chicken Lemongrass Soup, full salad bar featuring a sweet potato salad… and for the main course, try beef kabobs, carved stuffed pork tenderloin, wheat spaghetti with spicy lentil sauce, roasted beets, mashed cauliflower, and for dessert, sweet treats made by our pastry chef. Bon appetit!

Variety of Dining Venues

Meet friends in the Coffee Shop or relax in the Main Dining Room. Enjoy the outdoors with dining (al fresco style) on our many patios, enjoy a BBQ by the pool, or a full waited and buffet service in the Main Dining Rooms for brunch, dinner, and special events.

Special Dining Features

  • Three meals, light refreshments, carry out, convenience foods, and snacks are available in the Cafe
  • Special parties, events, picnics, and celebrations
  • Varied menus to meet the needs and preferences of residents
  • Invite family and friends for Sunday brunch
  • Enjoy sweets prepared fresh daily
  • Produce market in the summertime
  • Vegetarian, vegan, and other dietary preferences available

Meet Clarence, and learn more about our Culinary staff

Our dining program allows residents and staff a broad selection of options for every taste and diet, including those with special dietary needs. Most importantly, we want every meal to be tasty and intriguing- and we regularly get asked to share recipes with  residents so they can share them with family! Just click the button below to find out more about our team and the focus of our dining program, and get a couple of recipes to try as well!