Diversity Equity Inclusion & Belonging

Kendal~Crosslands Communities is committed to making our campuses as welcoming and diverse as possible. We acknowledge that our society is built upon a set of practices and beliefs, and we seek to address them to make Kendal Crosslands a model for Life Plan communities.

Kendal Crosslands’ vision emerges from the Quaker belief to recognize and honor the inherent worth of all persons. We are dedicated to fostering a living and working space where people of different races, backgrounds, and identities come together, respect each other’s perspectives, and honor the gifts that each person brings. Further, guided by the Quaker processes of “continuing revelation” and “right action,” we are committed to learning how we can grow in understanding and appreciation of the strengths that a multiplicity of voices brings.

Quakers have historically led progressive thinking and action in America. Building upon this distinguished foundation and our present endeavors, we aspire to create an even more diverse and welcoming senior community that reflects our world’s current and future diversity.

Ron & Mark


  • We welcome residents from all cultures and backgrounds.
  • We maintain a workplace where diversity and inclusion are practiced.
  • We partner with local, diverse groups and organizations.
  • We seek to model action locally to achieve full equality globally.

We invite you to join us on our journey to create a better and more inclusive society.

Diversity in Action

For Kendal~Crosslands Communities, we believe showing our commitment is as important as talking about it.

A commitment to equality, community, and diversity needs to be more than words on a page. Our community, founded next to the historic Kennett Meetinghouse, carries on the tradition of Quakers throughout our community who have worked for generations for equality for all.

You can read more about the long local history of working for equality and justice by clicking here. Partnering with local free black communities to assist people escaping from slavery, local Quakers helped thousands of people to reach freedom and start new lives in the North while urging the government to enact change to end the practice of slavery. Descendants from these dedicated reform-minded people still live in our local community and continue to work to help make tomorrow even better than today.

Residents Committed To Helping Others

  • A partnership to help start and fund the Chester School for the Arts, in nearby Chester PA. You can read more about this program by clicking here.
  • A Storytelling and sharing project with students from nearby Lincoln University, a historic black college and university (HBCU).
  • Residents teaching English as a second language (ESL)and adult literacy in our local community.

Staff members participate, too!

Staff members are inspired by the deeply held belief that fosters an environment that celebrates every person’s abilities. Therefore, our staff members are very active in all aspects of diversity and inclusion activities. Some to mention include:

Tick Tock Day Care has a longstanding history in southern Chester County. From the foresight of the minds of local Quaker women and other local citizens, Tick Tock was established in 1964 to serve the need for high-quality child care for families who worked in the mushroom industry.

Tick Tock has grown to offer reliable child care, preschool, and after-school programs for the children of low-income households. For nearly 10 years, we conduct a toy drive with over 100 toys donated during the holiday season.

For close to 20 years, staff members serve on the MLK CommUNITY of Greater Kennett Square Board and Planning Committees. The Commitment to Service Award was given to Kendal~Crosslands Communities in appreciation and recognition of their outstanding efforts to embody the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. through our founding of the MLK Day of Sharing, guidance for the MLK Food Drive, and sponsorship of the MLK Breakfast and Choir Entertainment.

sarah Randolph

Sarah, a nurse manager at Kendal, started working here while still in college, studying nursing. Sarah has used our tuition reimbursement program to help further her education and has several special certifications as well. She has worked for Kendal Crosslands for over 16 years now! Her husband, Jaymes, works at Crosslands, as a supervisor in our Environmental Services Department, and is also taking HVAC classes to further his career goals. You can read more about Sarah by clicking here.

Diversity In All Aspects

Diversity goes beyond considering people based on their ethnic or family background. We openly welcome people from all backgrounds, faiths, traditions, genders, and preferences, and seek to make everyone feel comfortable and celebrated for their differences. This also means including everyone throughout our community- as both residents and staff members.

One example is the traditional Passover meals prepared by our culinary staff. The Seder is celebrated with many residents that include readings from the Haggadah, which means “the telling”, the book used at the Seder which explains the foods on the plate, recounts the highlights of the Exodus, and includes songs, prayers, questions, and vignettes.  We have many people of all faiths and religions who live in the community and it is wonderful to be able to celebrate together. Read more by clicking here

The Seder tradition started small but has expanded, including residents throughout the community from all backgrounds and traditions, sharing this important holiday and having a greater insight into the faith traditions of others. You can find out more by reading the story of one of the organizers, Bonnie Marcus, by clicking here.

Meet Crosslands Resident, Florence

Diversity and inclusion also means welcoming people from different backgrounds, geographic areas, and life experiences. Resident Florence grew up in the Philippines, moved to California and then New York City, and found the perfect fit here at Kendal Crosslands after working for years as a psychiatric nurse. Florence also participates in a regional CCRC Committee with members from other Life Plan communities throughout the region and helps bring the best ideas back to Kendal Crosslands. You can read more about Florence by clicking here.

Each person brings a wealth of experiences with them that we can all share and learn from, becoming stronger in the process as well.