At Kendal~Crosslands Communities, we’ve compiled a list of our most Frequently Asked
Questions. We hope this page answers some of your questions and helps you browse our website for additional information:

Can I bring my pet?

Are there clubs or organizations on campus?

Why do I need Life Care?

Is there a minimum age to move in?

What are Your Waiting Times?

What happens if I run out of money?

Do you have a waitlist to move in and how much is the fee?

Do you have vegetarian dining options? Gluten-free meals? Special dietary needs?

What does the monthly fee cover? Do they increase?

What if I have long-term care insurance?

I heard there may be tax advantages to a Life Plan Community. I need to know more.

What is CARF accreditation and is it important?

I’d like to work at Kendal~Crosslands. How do I apply for a job?