Kendal at Longwood – Renovations and Construction

Kendal Health Center Expansion and Renovation

Kendal at Longwood is poised to undertake a major renovation of its health center, as part of the Kendal-Crosslands strategic plan. The plan includes a substantial upgrade of the Kendal Nursing/Personal Care areas to meet modern program expectations. Our current design is from the 1970’s, with hospital-like corridors and nurses’ stations positioned in the center of each unit and living room/lounge spaces opposite. It is time to upgrade the facilities to better serve our community.

Plan Vision and Goals

A small working group of residents and staff began exploring licensure requirements for Personal Care and Assisted Living in Pennsylvania back in 2017. After researching numerous communities, looking at studies on Health Center Utilization and Medicare A trends, a goal and vision of creating a new model for our health center was born.

Our vision for the future is to enable care for a wide range of residents at the Personal Care Level so staff are free to focus more on the care they provide and not be held back by the regulatory requirements of a skilled nursing environment where the focus is on completing excessive documentation.

From this vision, the idea of creating three houses of Personal Care and one house operating as Skilled Nursing was formed. The new center will be able to serve 114 residents in total. All rooms will be private and will be located on the second floor of the new Health Center. The homes will include:

Cumberland House 1: Personal Care for 24 residents. These residents will fit the traditional model of Personal Care, where Residents are largely independent, and able to get to and from meals, but might need assistance with medications, showers, and other light care.

Cumberland House 2: will offer Personal Care for 54 residents in smaller neighborhoods of 18 rooms each. These residents would need additional oversight, assistance, and guidance to maximize their quality of life.

Cumberland House 3: will offer Personal Care for 16 residents with some level of cognitive impairment. Residents will benefit from programming and design features such as enhanced way-finding and elements supportive of Montessori programming.

Westmoreland House: will offer Skilled Nursing, with 21 private rooms for short term rehabilitation and for residents who have complex medical needs that cannot be met in personal care.

Resident Care: The relocation, expansion and renovation of the Resident Care Department stems from our goal of strengthening the primary health care services on campus.

Building Plans

New Independent Living Options!

As this project has evolved and expanded in size, the budget grew as well. As part of the funding for this enhancement, it was decided to add 15-18 Independent Living Apartments on the ground floor in this new expansion of the health center.

We are excited to have Independent Living apartments available for the first time on our Kendal at Longwood Campus. Crosslands has always had a mix of cottages and apartments, and now Kendal will as well. All apartments will be on the ground floor and will range in size from Studios to Large two bedrooms with Dens.

Timing- When Will This Happen?

Groundbreaking is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2024 and the project is expected to last about two and a half years.

The Sales and Marketing department anticipates beginning the process of selling these homes in early 2025. The current layout of Independent Living, along with all the floor plans are still being worked on, but we’re excited to share a floor plan sample or two with you in the meantime.

We hope you’ll enjoy the renderings of the second floor new health center, as a preview of what’s planned. Please stay tuned for updates on this project and we’ll keep you informed as the plans progress. Once plans are finalized for the Independent Living apartments, we will be sure to share this with you.

Draft Floor Plans- Not Final