Kendal Turns 50!

This year, Kendal at Longwood is celebrating its 50th anniversary! It all started with friends who wanted to find a better way in retirement and in 1973, the first residents moved into their new home. Soon after, Crosslands, then our 50+ communities Coniston and Cartmel that encompasses Kendal Crosslands Communities were born. And, along the way, the beginning of the Kendal System other Kendal Affiliates was created.

Throughout 2023, we are thrilled to honor our history and those who made today possible. We celebrate together with songs and celebrations and reflect with one another on the future. From January to October, residents have many programs planned. From 70’s nostalgia dinners to special concerts, from singing songs from the 70s to historical readings and lectures. Some of those historical records are depicted here and we trust you will enjoy the read and the images. Stay tuned, we’ll update this page periodically and share with you some of the celebrations.

Watch our 50th Anniversary Video!

Learn More About Kendal Through The Years

Read about the Founding of Kendal at Longwood, and the early days of construction, and the start of traditions that go on until this day by clicking here. Learn more about setting up the excellent healthcare system as well!

Pictures of Kendal Through the Years