Lifecare As A Plan For Your Future

As one of Chester County’s most highly regarded Life Plan Communities (formerly known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community), Kendal~Crosslands Communities offers the finest in services to help you live the life you want, including access to a complete continuum of on-site health care from personal care to skilled nursing care as needed.

What Is Lifecare?

As a leader in providing communities and services for older adults, Kendal~Crosslands Communities offers a Lifecare option which is a program that allows residents over the age of 65 to enjoy life to its fullest knowing a safety net of care and services is in place for them and their families. It is the only financial structure under which residential services are provided to include long-term healthcare in the form of a predictable and lower monthly fee.

Our Lifecare Contracts

When the need for additional personal attention and care is required, Kendal~Crosslands Communities provides a Lifecare contract that stabilizes and protects your assets. There are two options explained briefly below:

Traditional Lifecare Agreement

When you move to the health center, you pay the same monthly fee that you were paying in your cottage or apartment, plus the cost of additional meals. This agreement is ideal for those who do not have a long-term care insurance policy and it provides tremendous tax benefits.

Modified Lifecare Agreement

Upon entrance to the community, we first reduce your entrance fee, then when you move to the health center, you will pay the per diem rate. This agreement works well with a long-term care insurance policy.

Want to learn more about whether a Life Plan Community is for you?

Just click below to download our helpful guide: Bottom Line-Financial Facts to Know when choosing a retirement community for free. You’ll learn more about Lifecare, different contract types, and how to make a choice that works for you and your family.

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