Recently, the residents of Kendal~Crosslands Communities – – residents of the furry nature that is – – paraded in style and helped open the newest feature to the campus, the Kendal Dog Park.

The lucky pups, who live at Kendal~Crosslands Communities (with their owners of course) have a new playground.   It’s a beautiful fenced in area located on the 500 acre campus.   “This new park was once the playground for the children of the daycare and when the daycare moved to a different part of the campus, this fenced in area was considered a perfect location for our little furry children”, says Michele Berardi, Director of Community Outreach.   So, the new park was opened with lots of wagging tails and happy puppies. A parade was conducted and each resident introduced their dog, gave their name, stated the type of dog or breed that it is, how long they have been part of the family, and where they acquired their dog. Interestingly, most of the dogs were from rescue organizations.   Taking the lead to have the dog park become a reality were two residents, Judy Wellington and Lark Worth, seen here. Also in the picture are Lark’s two dogs, Sophie and Andy (they are brother and sister).   Both Judy and Lark, along with the support other residents and with the community’s administration, created guidelines for play time in the park, instructions on cleaning up after your dog, and then communicated the new feature to all residents.   “It’s wonderful to see a happy dog, with a beautiful smile, run and jump and play with their fellow “residents”, says Lark Worth, resident.   “It is healthy to provide a space where they can be a dog and it is wonderful that our campus allows for the amenity”, says Worth.   Pets are part of the family at Kendal~Crosslands Communities and this dog park is a perfect addition.