974 LED bulbs installed, 387 faucet aerators, 175 efficient-flow showerheads equals close to $10,000 in savings.

Residents at Kendal~Crosslands Communities take pride in keeping their neighborhoods looking sharp and running efficiently.  According to Seth Beaver, Director of Facilities at the 500-acre, senior-living community, residents have formed more than 100 committees, on each campus, to help with everything from gardening to saving energy.  “Our residents are passionate about energy conservation,” said Beaver.  “We have several committees that look into projects we can work on to improve the property.”

Residents already had been working to boost energy efficiency around the community when energy advisors from PECO Multifamily Solutions visited and proposed performing a complimentary energyWelcome committee assessment.  “As new residents move in, our welcoming and energy committees team up and hand out a couple LED bulbs in the hopes that people will go out and buy more,” said Beaver.  PECO Multifamily Solutions, which includes the installation of complimentary energy-saving products in owner’s homes, was a natural fit.  “It really gave us an opportunity to speed up the process of converting our residential areas to LEDs,” he said.

In just a few days, PECO experts installed energy-efficient LED bulbs, faucet aerators and efficient-flow showerheads in 294 of the community’s 593 living spaces.  Now, residents are saving over $30 in annual energy costs per cottage or apartment.  Plus, the water-saving measures directly benefit daily operations.  “We have our own wastewater treatment plant, so every gallon of water we save cuts our operating costs,” said Beaver.

He plans to bring PECO back to provide the complimentary energy-saving upgrades for residents who missed the first installation and to make other energy efficiency upgrades throughout the community.

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