Residents at Kendal-Crosslands Communities come from all over the Country, and many of them take an active role in the local community.

We have groups that help teach English as a second language through the Kennett Library, volunteers at Longwood Gardens, and people who volunteer to help with after-school programs at the local middle school – just to name a few. And, on February 22nd, 2018, our residents will be helping to support Kennett Area Community Services with its 7th annual Empty Bowl Fundraiser.

One of the bowls for this year’s fundraiser

Kennett Area Community Services (KACS) is our local food cupboard, supporting over 1,200 people every month. KACS also provides a range of additional services, including emergency housing assistance.


The Empty Bowl fundraiser is designed to raise awareness of hunger and food insecurity in the community. During the event, attendees are served a simple meal of soup and salad, learn more about KACS services, and participate in live and silent auctions to help raise money to support KACS and the families it serves. Each attendee also gets a handmade bowl as a reminder of the families in need living in our community.


For the past several years, Kendal-Crosslands residents have helped make the empty bowls that attendees take home with them, along with bowls made by other service organizations in the community. This year, Kendal-Crosslands Communities will be providing 100 bowls made by residents! The bowls are works of art, and highly prized by attendees, but the reminder of how important it is to help those in need in our larger community is a message that resonates every day of the year.


Cynthia, one of our residents and volunteers who helps coordinate the Empty Bowl project at Kendal-Crosslands Communities

You can get tickets for the 7th Annual KACS Empty Bowl Fundraiser on their website for $25 and there are lunch and dinner seatings available.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to help our local community, and admire the wonderful artwork of our residents at the same time!

More of the Bowls created for this year’s fundraiser