—  The 48 new cottages at Kendal~Crosslands Communities implemented a variety of sustainable design and construction strategies in an effort to positively impact the triple bottom line:  sustaining people, planet, and profit. “The decision to design and construct environmentally friendly homes reflects our Kendal values to a commitment to healthy living environments that improve the quality of life today without compromising resources for future generations”, says Phil DeBaun, CEO of Kendal~Crosslands Communities.

Janet Milkman, Executive Director of the Delaware Valley Green Building Council (DVGBC) presented the GOLD certificate.  “LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.  Leadership is the key word — — leading edge standards and a voluntary one that is cutting edge”, says Milkman. Present for the ceremony were residents, staff, township officials, builders, and architects who share the Gold certification — — the highest accomplishment under today’s LEED standards.

LEED means fewer trees and no rare species were used to build the new homes; it means that as much as possible, the materials were produced close to home, supporting local companies and limiting costs and impacts of transport.  It means that the new homes use less energy and the energy it uses is from a renewable source in the geothermal system.

“DVGBC congratulates Kendal~Crosslands for their decision and their leadership to build 48 new cottages to meet the Gold Level standards.  By doing so, you have increased the number of LEED Homes in Chester County by 500%!”, says Milkman.