Kendal-Crosslands has a rich, established history with more than 40 years of service to seniors and community involvement. With a gift from the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting – Friends Committee on Aging, Kendal was able to plant roots in Kennett Square as the area’s leading retirement community.

Although Kendal-Crosslands is not sponsored by any religious association,, the Kendal values and practices note that there is intentional regard for the principles of the Religious Society of Friends, or Quakers. There are six Quaker principles that guide Kendal-Crosslands’ work and they are focused on equality, peace, simplicity, integrity, community, and stewardship.

First, let’s dive into what these principles mean:

The principle of equality rests on the concept of inclusiveness, and hence each person is to be equally valued and equally treated.

The principle of peace opposes violence in all its forms – physical, emotional, or verbal.

The principle of simplicity seeks clarity of purpose, dedication to living modestly, doing useful work, avoiding material excess, and making appropriate use of resources, whether human, material, or environmental.

The principle of integrity calls for honesty, personal wholeness, and living in harmony with the truth.

The principle of community recognizes that lives are enhanced by sharing with and caring for those around us.

The principle of stewardship requires taking care of what has been given to us, responsibility for all the earth and for future generations as well.

How do these values show up in the day-to-day lives of those who live and work at Kendal-Crosslands?

These principles lead us in our mission to provide residents with an engaging retirement, and in creating an environment where staff members feel valued. We emphasize that all residents, staff members and board members are of equal importance. In addition to the focus on equality, this open, cordial communication between all reflects the community’s emphasis on integrity and peace – conversations are open, honest, and respectful; all opinions are valued.

Residents often choose Quaker communities with the intent to truly participate in and contribute to the community. They are provided and create opportunities to enact changes on the issues that matter. Residents of Kendal-Crosslands often strive to make a difference, on and off campus, through volunteering and leading an active life.

When you choose to visit Kendal-Crosslands, you’ll experience first hand how the guiding principles of equality, peace, simplicity, integrity, community and stewardship are woven into daily life.

For more information about the benefits of living at Kendal-Crosslands, call us today at 800-216-1920.