As a leader in providing services for older adults, Kendal~Crosslands Communities is a Life Plan Community with a plan that allows residents over the age of 65 to enjoy life to its fullest, knowing a safety net of care and services is in place for them and their families. It is the only financial structure under which residential services are provided to include long-term healthcare in the form of predictable and lower monthly fees.

Crosslands employee helping resident

One of Kendal~Crosslands Communities’ most distinctive characteristics is our approach to quality wellness programs and health care services.  We strive to provide authentic multiple scales of living and expressions of self with services that focus on capabilities. Our Health and Wellness Centers at both Kendal at Longwood and Crosslands consist of our Resident Care Clinic, Rehabilitation Services, Fitness, and Aquatic Centers, and our Personal Care and Skilled Nursing residencies.

The physical design of our buildings supports and enhances the aging process and the provision of services. Last year, a workgroup of staff members, residents, and board members gathered to listen, shared a vision and ideas, and engaged with one another in a collaborative process to begin to redesign our Kendal at Longwood Health Center. This new design of our Resident Care, Personal Care, Skilled Nursing, and Rehab spaces will integrate an environment where community, nature, and care meet.  The workgroup’s focus is on a vision that incorporates a setting that transforms the aging experiences.

“We envision a center that will continue to integrate our community, provide comfort and engaging spaces, and ignite the passion of residents and staff members in a new environment naturally driven toward achieving a healthy community,” says Donna Taylor, Chief Health Services Officer. ” We look forward to transforming the Health Center to spaces that will continue to connect residents with others in the community, provide authentic expressions of self, comfort, and care while engaging people as individuals.”, says Taylor

We are putting our vision into conceptual designs in preparation for how it will integrate into the Kendal~Crosslands Communities Master Plan.  As our plans progress, we will share them with you. Our person-centered quality services and programs positively impact the older adults we serve.  Our thought leadership is the conduit to a supportive, caring community, and our new Health Center at our Kendal at Longwood campus will embody our Quaker values.