Kendal at Longwood Welcomes CVS

On Friday, January 8, hope came to our Kendal at Longwood campus by way of the vaccine. Close to 155 staff members and 90 residents who reside in our Health Centers were vaccinated. It was a day full of laughs, tears, joy, and especially relief. Seven CVS personnel administered the vaccinations using the Pfizer vaccine.

A banner with the word ‘gratitude’ was on hand for staff members to express their blessings.

Today is a new day at Kendal~Crosslands Communities. Our marathon continues, but now with full-body armor, we are even more prepared and relieved. Our residents have endured so much. Our staff members work tirelessly. Next week, we look forward to Crosslands’s day of hope and we continue to follow the Departments of Health plan to vaccinate our residents who live in Independent Living. As a family, we are all in this together.