When Terry Gonzalez told Kendal-Crosslands’ admissions coordinator she had dogs, the coordinator beamed and said, “How wonderful!” Terry knew then and there she picked the perfect home for both herself and her “girls” as she calls her two toy poodles.

Kendal-Crosslands is a community where animals are warmly and heartily welcomed, not only in words, but in actions. At Kendal-Crosslands, you will discover plenty of pet-friendly amenities, from a fenced dog park where animals safely run and play, to onsite trainers. There are even resident pet sitters happy to walk your animals or come into your home and check on them while you’re away if you wish, assuring your pets are cared for and nurtured while you’re away.

A shared affection for animals is one way that Kendal-Crosslands’ community-focused culture is easily apparent. Friendships have formed among residents whether they have pets or not, beginning with dog conversations in the dining room, or in the lobby when someone stops to pet a silky head.

In fact, says Jim Reamer, “Anytime you go into the main building you see people walking with their dogs. And when you have your dog with you, someone always stops to talk; it’s a guarantee.”

Jim and his wife, Michele Sullivan, are proud companions to McDuff, a 60-pound Brittany, and Esha, a smaller hound.

“Esha and McDuff are part of our family. We have puppy books of them on our living room coffee table,” says Michele of the two rescues they took in 12 years ago as pups.



Kendal-Crosslands is their home and the dogs know it. McDuff greets guests at the door with a toy, inviting them for a game of tug of war. Esha loves to spend time on her leash outside the couple’s cottage, and has become so well known that even folks who make deliveries who always have a treat for her.

Michele and Jim were part of the committee that planned the dog park, a grassy space enclosed in a long oval fence. Dogs play and chase each other, unleashed while residents are assured of their pets safety while they sit under a shaded tree and chat in this relaxed setting.

As an added bonus, Kendal-Crosslands is a short drive from two wooded conservancies, which also provide wide open, safe spaces for pets to run freely.



The pet-friendly environment resonates in ways beyond the physical on-campus and nearby amenities for animals and residents. Kendal-Crosslands has a pet website: www.dog.kalresweb.org that highlights just how welcome animals are here. The site features a pet of the month with pictures and their companions’ write ups.

“Every dog gets featured. It’s a darling, colorful, fanciful page. It’s funny and cute. And it’s a way to get to know the pet as well as the person who lives with them,” says Michele.

Terry’s apartment home has been perfect for her and her two small poodles, Ruby and Beckie.

The dogs have the roam of the house and patio. They begin each morning together on the enclosed porch, where Ruby and Beckie settle into cushions for an early-day sunbath. In cooler weather they curl up in their small beds in the living room next to Terry. Later, they might head out to the main building to meet up with friends.

“Now almost everyone here calls Ruby and Beckie ‘the girls’ as I do. They know them as they know me. That makes Kendal-Crosslands all the more like home,” says Terry. “It’s a neighborly place. You have privacy and boundaries. But you have a close, caring community, and that’s what makes Kendal-Crosslands unique.”

If you’re interested in joining our pet-friendly community, give us a call at 800-216-1920 and set up a time to stop by!