Employees and residents gathered together for the Seder, the festive holiday Passover meal.   This dinner actually means “order” because the meal is done in a certain order which refers to the people going from slavery to freedom.

Seders are meant to be low-key and fun. A lighthearted spirit is expected since after all, there is celebration of no more slavery. At the Seder, you can rejoice, take your time, and ponder the questions of freedom and service to God. “It was a lovely evening”, said Carole Smith, resident and member of the Spiritual Life Committee.   “Last year, we have 18 people at the Seder table and this year we had 28 and all of us shared in lively discussions”, said Smith.

The menu was traditional Passover meal prepared by the dining staff and Rabbi Elyse led the Seder reading from the Haggadah, which means “the telling”, the book used at the Seder which explains the foods on the plate, recounts the highlights of the Exodus, and includes songs, prayers, questions, and vignettes. “At Kendal~Crosslands, we share our values of welcoming all people and we value our differences”, said Michele Berardi, Director of Community Outreach. “We have many people of all faiths and religions who live at the community and it is wonderful to be able to celebrate together”, said Berardi.