David bicycled coast to coast this summer!

David Leonard web

 Kendal~Crosslands Communities celebrates resident David Leonard who at age 71 on June 15th embarked from the mouth of the Columbia River in Oregon, bicycled 3700 miles across the country and on August 16th reached his final destination of Lewes, Delaware. David joined almost 40 other bicycle enthusiasts for this journey, for which David says “you’ll never find the time to do something like this; you have to make it before time runs out on you.”

David was the oldest member of a group which included fathers and sons, husbands and wives, sisters and brothers, people from 7 countries, students, professionals and educators. They bicycled an average of 80 miles per day and David recalls riding 120 miles in one day.  “The organization that planned the trip had it mapped out for us and provided bike mechanics and other wonderful support staff to help us accomplish this epic journey,” says David.

David began on the Pacific coast, bicycled over the Cascades and Rockies, among the Great Lakes, and through southern Ontario.  In Syracuse he stopped for a family wedding and with his wife’s support rode over the Pocono Mountains, into Kendal~Crosslands for a homecoming and then finally to the Atlantic coast at Lewes.  “The Rockies are higher but the Poconos can be steeper,” David observed.

“What struck me the most is how on a bicycle you have more human interaction than when  encapsulated in a car are much more aware of the changes  in human and geological topography,” says David.

David’ parents kept the family biking after they started during World War II gas rationing, so he was always a cyclist and physically active. But on this journey he became aware that, “yes, you can prepare but you still need to find your stride, build your body, garner the strength, overcome the struggles, while in the process of doing the ride itself,” remarks David. Now at age 72+, you will continue to see David along the Chester countryside out for a bike ride but for this latest journey — it was time!