Over the years, Kendal~Crosslands Communities employs thousands of area high school students to work in our Culinary Department. Area schools include Kennett, Unionville, Avon Grove, and Oxford High School.  Although we have a traditional tuition assistance program for staff members already enrolled in higher education, now, we are happy to provide a future college or trade school tuition assistance program exclusively for our high school student staff members.

“As a prominent employer in Southern Chester County for the last 50 years, we are honored to employ so many students, says Roger Polius, Senior Director of Human Resources.  The high school staff members use their job experience to springboard their careers and we are happy to help them do that with an education assistance program”, says Polius.

“For every month a high student works, they earn one credit, and each credit is worth $100.  We put aside the money towards their future college and trade school education”, says John Platt, Director of Culinary Services.  The community makes a payment directly to the institution of the student’s choice.  The maximum a high school student can earn per year is $1,200 with a minimum work requirement of 10 hours per week.  “In addition to free meals and uniforms, flexible schedules that work around school and extracurricular activities, our high school student staff members make lifelong friends and enjoy the welcoming work environment,” says Platt.

Staff Member Clarence

Some staff members use their experience to begin their careers in the Culinary field and remain within the department after high school and work their way to higher-level positions. Meet Clarence, who started his career in high school and is now the Cook Supervisor at our Crosslands campus. 

Millie Lee

Others begin their career in Culinary and after high school, they attend a nursing school to enhance their career within our Health Services Department.  Meet Millie, who began her career as a waitress in high school and is now their Home Care Manager.

Whatever the aspiration, we can meet the career needs of our staff members with a variety of career types.  “We enjoy having our area high school students work here”, says Karen, a Kendal at Longwood resident. It is wonderful to hear what they are doing in school, share in their hopes and dreams, and encourage them along the way,” says Karen.

We seek new staff members to work in our dining rooms as servers, or our coffee shop and café as attendants, cooks, and dishwashers.  If you or someone you know is interested, click on the link below and view our open positions and apply.  Join us.