Sharing our values and valuing our differences

Kendal~Crosslands Communities welcomed the Philadelphia chapter of the American Association of Blacks In Energy (AABIE) to their campus on July 16th for a picnic and meeting.  The two organizations joined together for a time of fellowship and networking based on many shared values – – lifelong learning, the environment, conservation, and diversity.  Mike Cappelletti, Account Executive of Warfel Construction, presented to the group of energy professionals the initiatives that were achieved by both Kendal~Crosslands and Warfel with the Gold and Silver LEED certified cottages that were recently built on Kendal’s 500 acre campus. LEED means fewer trees and no rare species were used to build the new homes; it means that as much as possible, the materials were produced close to home, supporting local companies and limiting costs and impacts of transport. It means that the new homes use less energy and the energy it uses is from a renewable source in the geothermal system.  For Phil DeBaun, Chief Executive Officer of Kendal~Crosslands, “it is our Quaker values that are actively practiced collaboratively with staff who work here and the residents who live here – – to welcome all people, to continue to learn, and to sustain our environment.”

AABIE is a professional association comprised of people who work in the energy industry and their local chapter includes professionals who work in and around the Philadelphia area. “It was wonderful that our new friends came from their places of work, most of which are near the Philadelphia city limits and join us here in Kennett Square for this gathering”, says Michele Berardi, Director of Community Outreach. “We trust we can continue our partnership in the future”, says Berardi.