When you consider a Life Plan community like Kendal-Crosslands Communities, it’s easy to focus on floor plans, amenities, and everything there is to do. But one of the key benefits of a Life Plan community is the health care you can receive right on campus, and that’s where having an outstanding resident care program really matters.

Terry Feiler has been working for 40 years at Kendal-Crosslands Communities, and is the Director of Resident Care at Crosslands. Both Kendal at Longwood and Crosslands each have a Resident Care Department and when you walk into the office, it looks just like a regular doctor’s office. Residents can come by anytime to get care as a walk-in, but there are also specific clinics that cover everything from wound care, monitoring blood pressure, doing checks for medicines, get injections, or blood draws to name just a few.

“Our goal is to keep everyone healthy and living independently in their home as long as possible. Our office is staffed daily with a nurse practitioner, Registered nurse, myself and our administrative assistant. We have three primary care physicians that each come for a half-day on their designated day.  In addition, we have occupation and speech therapists, physical therapists, and our wellness staff that all work together to make sure every resident gets the care they want and need.”

Resident Care- Here when you need it

When residents move into the community, they get an orientation to Resident Care services usually within the first two weeks of living on campus. “It’s important that we share information and know what each resident’s needs are or may be, so we can help in case there’s ever a problem or emergency. We ask residents to have an annual wellness exam, including a review of their medications, immunization records, health screenings, emergency contact information, and the like.”

The Resident Care Center runs pretty much like a regular doctor’s office.  While some residents choose to remain with their doctors, the Resident Care staff does ask for regular updates, especially if medicines change, for example. “As you can imagine, having people on staff who know you and know your health care needs makes sure we’re ready to help with whatever is needed. For example, we can coordinate with our physical therapists to help residents work on improving their stamina and strength, or when recovering from surgery or a fall.” The Resident Care staff is available and mobilized so if there’s ever an emergency, they can be at your home in minutes if needed.

“I’ve been here now for 40 years, starting as a medicine nurse in the skilled nursing unit,” said Terry. “We have so much more information available on the computer , and accessible to different departments so we can really help Residents. Sometimes it may be as simple as helping them organize medication into medipacks, or helping to make appointments for any tests or follow up care that might be required at a local hospital in West Grove, West Chester or Kennett Square. We can help arrange transportation if needed, and there’s even a resident committee that helps arrange someone to go with you to a medical appointment if needed.”

Doctors and Specialists- Right Here on Campus

There is an audiologist, ophthalmologist, plastic surgeon, psychologist, podiatrist and cardiologist who all have clinics on a regular schedule, so many times residents can get the specialty care they need, right here on campus.

“It’s amazing how well we get to know the residents, they become like family. I can look at someone, and just know when they aren’t feeling well. We can tell if they are losing weight or something is going on, and intervene early, helping everyone stay healthy and active.”

“We also have the SARA system- that will send a message to the health center if a resident doesn’t check in every day. We then send someone over to check on them and make sure everything is fine.” Some residents also use a pendant alert system, where they can press a button if they need extra help in their cottage or apartment.  These systems together make sure residents have the freedom to do everything they want in the community, but also get the care and response they need.

The Resident Care Center and its staff are designed to provide all the health care needs residents may have, on campus. There’s even in-house pharmacy services available, that can provide same-day pickup for medications, 90 day supply of medications as allowed by insurance, vacation medication supply, and weekly medication “blister packs” that can make keeping medications organized easier.

If you want to learn more about resident care at Kendal-Crosslands Communities, just give us a call at (844) 907- 1800 for more information, or click here to find out more about Personal Care at Kendal-Crosslands Communities.