We’ve heard all these phrases… don’t worry, be happy, or what about.. there’s a silver lining in every dark cloud… and of course, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.   Well, maybe during this time, these sayings can ring true.  We realize life as we know it is disrupted and perhaps there are many thoughts and emotions that are only heightened by the 360-degree news we are exposed to.  So, let’s brainstorm all the possibilities there are with more time available to us. Let’s find some humor and smile and perhaps your personal pitcher lemonade will overflow. Here are some ideas to get you started.  Maybe now is the time to…

  • Take a walk and bring your phone or camera and take some beautiful spring-time pictures
  • Read that book you’ve been meaning to open.
  • Look for spotted lantern fly eggs – – the trees will love you.
  • Write note cards to a friend – – I’m sure they’d love it.
  • Write down all your blessings – can you get to 50?
  • Fish out that recipe you clipped, when you once said “I’m going to make this someday” – – someday is here.
  • Look at some on-line games, Words With Friends is one and it is like scrabble but electronic.
  • Clean out that junk drawer, closet, your winter wardrobe – someone could use your stuff, someone who has nothing.
  • Maybe plant a garden.  The weather is nice.

Silver lining?  Don’t worry? Well, maybe that is easier said than done (is that another saying?).  But a cool glass of lemonade might be refreshing right now in this pandemic world and we hope you will guard your hearts and minds and make yours today.  Cheers with a glass of lemonade!

In the spirit of making lemonade, we thought we’d share my Great Aunt Mary’s Lemon cake recipe. A slice of this cake was always the highlight of visiting Aunt Mary and when I taste it, it brings back so many happy and sunny memories. It has a brightness that makes you smile inside, just like Mary herself.

Aunt Mary’s Best Ever Lemon Cake


Lemon Jello  (3 oz package)

4 eggs

¾ c cold water

Lemon Cake Mix

¾ c wesson oil


2 cups confectioner’s sugar

Juice from 2 fresh lemons- be sure to remove the pits.

Optional- walnuts and unsweetened coconut for decorating

Beat lemon jello, eggs and water for two minutes with an electric mixer. Add the cake mix and wesson oil, beat for an additional minute.

Pour into a greased and floured bundt pan and bake for 45 minutes at 350.

Take out and let cool for about 20 minutes.  Turn out onto a plate- poke the cake all over with a fork.

Make the glaze and drizzle all over the cake.  Let the cake sit for a bit until serving time. The cake will soak up the glaze and lemon juice and it adds a wonderful lemon flavor that’s equal to the best lemon squares out there.  If you like, you can garnish the final cake with chopped walnuts and unsweetened coconut flakes.