When Lynn Williams moved in to Kendal~Crosslands Communities, she discovered precious time she now had to travel across country with her daughter, albeit in a very large truck and trailer.  Lynn traveled across the United States with her daughter Lee, not once but 3 years in a row.

The sunrises in Pennsylvania and sunsets in California, made for a picturesque backdrop to Lynn’s family adventures and truckin’ travels with her daughter.  Utah, Arizona, South Dakota, Missouri, Kansas, just to name a few of the states they traveled together, hauling large pieces of machinery and equipment, while stopping along the way to see White Sands, majestic mountains, and even devastating floods in Iowa or the smoke from the California fires.  To enjoying the beautiful countryside in the daytime to sleeping in the truck cab every night, it was almost reminiscent of girlfriend hangouts and sleepovers but in this instance, cozy spaces and big living in the wide open country.

Time with Family- in an nontraditional way

During their travels together, in October 2017, 2018, and most recently in 2019, Lynn was not only a sight-seeing passenger, she was quickly put to work helping her daughter “dock” the truck, blowing debris off the trailer bed with mechanical equipment, and even got the chance to drive the truck out of private lots. “My daughter and her husband are very skilled truck drivers,” said Williams. “They do their own maintenance, take good care of their cargo, and are able to stop and go with over 80,000 lbs. of metal behind them at the wheel,” said Williams.

Finding a Home at Kendal-Crosslands

Lynn moved in from Wilmington, Delaware to her charming One Bedroom with Den cottage at our Kendal at Longwood campus in May, 2017.  Although Lynn is not Quaker, over the years, she had many interactions with people who are and found them to be honest, ethical, and share her passion for the environment.  So, when searching for a retirement community, Lynn didn’t look at any other place and knew she wanted to come to Kendal~Crosslands Communities. Her tales of cozy living in a truck cab and the big living, she and her daughter experienced on the road, is similar to her life at Kendal~Crosslands Communities.  Lynn’s home is lovely, has a wood burning fireplace, and a three seasons room to enjoy. She has easily made new friends and enjoys the active and resident engaged lifestyle at the community.


Lynn also has a son Richmond who lives nearby in Wilmington, Delaware and another daughter Anne in Tennessee.  Five grandchildren and three great grandchildren round out their wonderful family tree.

Who knows where Lynn’s travels might go next?   She looks forward to being on the road again and continue to enjoy her big living opportunities in the great outdoors.